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Below is user information for l'├ępouse seule de poissons. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:moonkissedwater (1048)
Name:l'├ępouse seule de poissons
Location:Florida, United States
"What potent blood hath modest May!"

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Interests:146: 12 oz mouse, accordions, activism, albino cobras, amy goodman, anthony bourdain, apotropaic amulets, art, autumn, being emotive, being seasonal, bells, bellydancing, bettas, blackbeard is my boyfriend, blessings, bossanova, britcoms, british gangster movies, bubble toys, buddha, cabaret, cajun, celtic, cetacean meditation, chakras, christmas lights, cobra kissing, coconut grove, collage, creative crushes, creative love, crocodile hunter, dashboard saints, democracy now, devas, divinities, domestic goddess, doreen virtue, draaiorgels, dragons, dream interpretation, enlarging crustaceans, esppy, faeries, fish, flowers, france, free spirits, frida kahlo, fruits, ganesh, gardening, goldfish vending machines, good luck charms, gyotaku, gypsies, hand of miriam, harry potter, healing arts, holy hardware, hunter s. thompson, ifc, incarnated elementals, indie films, introvert, jim morrison, jingling coins, journal making, junko mizuno, krishna and radha, lavender creme toes, liberal media, lingerie, literary clutter, love, love letters, lucky mojo, mail art, maisy, mem wifeys, menstruation, mermaids, mexican baby jesus, milagros, monty python, musie, my lovely cupid's bow, mythical beings, nautical nuns, neofolk, nick cave worship!!!, norse, oceanic tribes, ocm, octopi, octopi doodles, octopus=love, painting, peace, peach tea, pimp red nailpolish, prayer, prayer flags, pro-choice on everything, protests, pyrates, radioactive snails, rain, raom, raspberry rum, rebel music, religious chexmix, revolutionaries, rick steves, robert plant, rootbeer, samurai, sassy ladies, sedna, sex, shimmies, shiva, sir francis drake, sirens, sketchbook diaries, smelling like fruit, smiling female accordionists, starmaids, tamagotchi, tea with krishna, the doors, the young ones, totem poles, travel, tribal bellydance, undead love, universal blessings, universal love, viking hippies, virgin mary, whimsy, windhorses, wreckless gardening, zatoichi, zombies
Friends:16: absentia, bennybighair, carolyn, coltranejukebox, freefalling, furnacechant, haiku, haloe, lethe_moon, miss_farmer, musie, ohgratuitous, poppy, reverie, simplyso, the_unnamable
Friend of:12: bennybighair, carolyn, coltranejukebox, furnacechant, haloe, let_love, littlecrocodile, miss_farmer, ohgratuitous, reverie, scarlett_, the_unnamable
Member of:2: absentia, haiku
Account type:Early Adopter

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