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Below is user information for in the arms of sleep. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:moon_monster (95894)
Name:in the arms of sleep
Location:WHERE YOU CAN'T GET ME, United States
AOL IM:BebopZombie (Add Buddy, Send Message)
MSN Username:same as my email
Jabber:i pity da foo who be talkin' all that jibba jabba

i am the walrus.

i'm also loose in the sky with diamonds.

hello, kids. i'm jinny. people have identified me as a kitty, ufo hostage, moon monster, art fag, little indian princess, little ice maiden, dirty hippie, seeker of a shrubbery, and a partridge in a pear tree.

fun fact: i once made a toaster explode using only my mind powers, and some plastic explosives. wee!

run forth and be free, little poptart!!

and do be so kind as to take a gander at my communities:
unwashed_hair (if you hate washing your hair as much as I do)
sealab2021 (if you love Sealab as much as I do)
the_residents (if you love The Residents as much as I do)
moon_zombies (if you love me as much as I do) ((this is the Official Jinny Fanclub, because Jinny is teh cool))

Memories:7 entries
Interests:150: 7seconds, acrylic paint, adjectives, adult swim, aeon flux, aether_rabbit, afros, akira, anime, anthro, art camp, australia, b horror movies, bam margera, beastie boys, bebop, beethoven, being an art fag, being scared of everything, being way too jumpy, bill and ted, bjork, blinky lights, boys who wear makeup, captain jack sparrow, cat stevens, cello music, cherry slurpees, chris farley, christianity, cky, classical music, collarbones, combat boots, comics, cowboy bebop, cult classics, david bowie, daydreaming, dinosaurs, divine, drawing comics, dreadlocks, edward gorey, estrigious, eternity void, explodingdog, fairly odd parents, fala, fear and loathing, flaming lips, flcl, flea markets, free tibet, gay boys, george clinton, godzilla, gorillaz, grand royal, halloween, head explody, hippies,, illustrating, independent films, j-rock, jackass, jay and silent bob, jedi robes, jhonen vasquez, jimmy neutron, john waters, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, king missile, kittycats, knockin' on heaven's door, law and order, lilo and stitch, liquid television, little furry things, llamas, make love not war, mandy, manga, matt doran, matthew woodson, mike myers, misfits, moon monsters, mozart, new jersey, once were warriors, outer space, peter bagge, pirates, piratexcore, primus, pro-life, rainstorms, red hot chili peppers, rent, rocky horror picture show, sam kieth, saving face, sealab 2021, sean lennon, shaman king, silence of the lambs, silverchair, sketchbooks, smashing pumpkins, sparkly stuff, spooky doom, spreading joy, spy gadgets, spyro the dragon, star wars, sublime, sunshine, surrealism, swamp monsters, swedish fish, system-52xdrive, tchaikovsky, team rocket, terrance and philip, the beatles, the buzzcocks, the fbn, the invisible man, the maxx, the moon, the residents, the seat belts, the venus in furs, the young ones, thrift stores, tim burton, tyler_rabbit, velvet goldmine, wayne's world, weebl and bob, ween, weezer, writing, yaoi, your mom, z?, zombies
Friends:41: adultswim, aether_rabbit, ahni, awkwardsilence, boho_love, bondageseraph, catgirls, christianpunks, cosmic_pepsi, creosote, donnie, fbn, gorillaz, hells_fire, jrock, kdelioncourt, kitty_ears, lecterphiles, liquidsquirell, lollipopgumdrop, mandymtt, moon_monster, moon_zombies, olpumpkinfan79, onmyouji, pennyispoison, piratexcore, potcfans, psycho_fenris, pxc, sealab2021, spookie_doom, superstitches, thepumpkins, the_living_dead, the_residents, tyler_rabbit, uberspiral, unwanted, unwashed_hair, _chaos_mouse_
Friend of:19: aether_rabbit, ahni, awkwardsilence, boho_love, cosmic_pepsi, creosote, donnie, hells_fire, liquidsquirell, lollipopgumdrop, mandymtt, moon_monster, olpumpkinfan79, onmyouji, psycho_fenris, saving_myself, tyler_rabbit, unwanted, _chaos_mouse_
Member of:20: adultswim, catgirls, fangirl_mafia, fbn, gorillaz, jrock, kitty_ears, lecterphiles, mac_hall_comm, moon_zombies, nightmare_me, piratexcore, potcfans, pxc, sealab2021, thepumpkins, the_living_dead, the_residents, unwashed_hair, yaoi
Account type:Early Adopter

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