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Below is user information for Mookie. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:mookie (30830)
Location:London, Ontario, Canada
Bio:Mookie, lives in London, Ontario, Canada. She is twenty-nine-years-old, has one child, who is nine, and one girlfriend who is thirty. Her interests include, but are not limited to, reading, writing, drawing, role-playing, cooking, designing web graphics, and spending time with loved-ones.

This is really just so that I can reply to friends who have blurty accounts. If you really want to know more about me, read my LiveJournal.
Interests:88: absinthe, accents, american mcgee's alice, anime, antiheros, art, arthurian legend, artwork, babylon 5, bdsm, bisexuality, books, boy meets boy, boys kissing boys, canada, cats, chinese food, chocolate, computers, danny elfman, dark matter, david bowie, descing, dogs, dragons, drawing, escapism, fan fiction, fanfic, fantasy, fiction, fire lizards, flowers, foxes, frasier, gel pens, glbt, goth, great big sea, green dragons, html, jack skellington, jonathen kellerman, just for laughs, kissing girls, london ontario, magick, movies, mush code, mushing, music, musicals, my wolfie, names, neopets, nightmare before christmas, notebooks, paint shop pro, pepsi, pern, pretty boys, proddy, reading, rifts, robotech, role-playing, roleplaying, rp, runes, slash, soggy bottom boys, soundtracks, star trek, taco bell, tarot cards, the coors, the sims, tigers, tim burton, tom jackson, web design, will & grace, wizard magazine, wolves, wora, writing, x-men, yaoi
Friends:3: aspergers, manon, zmom
Friend of:4: chazay007, him66, manon, xskatinbl0ndexo
Member of:2: aspergers, words
Account type:Early Adopter

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