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Below is information about the "Mood Themes" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:moodthemes (1066)  
Name:Mood Themes
Website:Mood Themes Community Home

Please Read Before Joining This Community

Please read the Guidelines before joining and posting.

We are currently working on a FAQ. Until the FAQ is complete, please direct any questions you have regarding mood themes here. These will be used to compile the FAQ.

All Blurty TOS as well as the Community Guidelines are strictly enforced.

General Information

moodthemes is Blurty's Official Mood Theme community.

The purpose of this community is for users like you to contribute to the public mood themes available for everyone on Blurty to use. You can submit a theme, join an ongoing discussion about themes you like, provide feedback on others' themes and even share your ideas and suggestions.

Happy Theming - angel
Blurty Mood Themes Manager.

Memories:2 entries
Interests:8: art, graphics, icons, mood themes, moods, paint, paintshop pro, photoshop
Members:122: 1warrior, abfab, act, adidas_freak18, adorkable25xo, aerialknight, anaideia, angel, antiavril272, asciident, asthenos, atsugarisan, blackmoon, bleeding_wings, blu, bmogroupie, bnsisantispears, breckenridge, cantbeyou, cidream, clairedc, deadly_kitsune, demogorgon, design, designerchick, double_d_fangrl, dreamnstorm, earthgirl, erin, esesmues, etteluap, fadedscenery, fadingmemories, fooking, gamergirlie, gilda_farley, girlwithagun, hazel_t, hazytears, id_h82bu, insane, invisigoth, invoke, irishcutie, ism, jesschristine86, jesusmademe, jewlee182, jojoontheradio, jo_munch, juicyplasma, kandydevil, kewpie, khushee, killermuffin, kitties_, kodona, kurt_cobain, l0seriish, lady_polarstar, lady_yuna, laguallinoa, latestcrave86, leshobbits, libbymarie, lilyfae, lil_billy, lindamarie, litter, lostemokid, magicannon, mutsumi, mystico_tala, nychic099, oo_soflysugah, owmydrumminarm, paris__inflames, paxil_users, peripheral, photoqt, phr0zen, pinkkisses69, pinkxo, pixiedragonfly, popefuel, psycogirl, r0xygurl, rachelslivecam, raquel, rat, rebellia, relia, rohandove, ryelle33, saygoodbye, scarlingfan, shadowed_flames, shatter, shionsmachina, sil, sillybunniegirl, silverrose82, someidiot, someones_nobody, spratt, stupidgirl5, tempest, the_gift, the_shit, thorned, tinymommy, twotone, velvet_poetry, whitestripegirl, wickedkitty, xgooserxgrrlx, xonepunkchickx, xo_willa, xxkorn6freakxx, x_dark_skull_x, _betrayal_, _valid
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