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User:moo_kitty (16693)
Location:Sibley, Missouri, United States
AOL IM:CrimsonyTears (Add Buddy, Send Message)
A fucking poem journal, what did you expect?
Real Name: Stephanie Bell
Meaning: "Crowned One" -_-;
Nickname: Steph-Chan · Fujin · Kittie
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Living: Missouri
Born: Hawaii - Navy Hosptial
Birthdate: January 12, 1988
Death Day:Thursday, January 26, 2045
Star sign: Capricorn
Chinese Sign: Dragon
Height : 4'11" - 5'1"
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Black
Siblings: 2 brothers. 8 and 10. I think
Animals: 1 Dog & 3 Cats
Status: Taken and loved very much. I love you Mike XD Even though you can't see this. :: hug attack :: You're MINE!!!.

Aol: CrimsonyTears
Yahoo: ladyfujin

·My Favorite·

Drink: Juice
Candy: Chocolate
Flower: Roses
Color: Red and Gray
Day: Friday
Number: 9
Music: Goth, Rock, Dance, Bubblegum, German, Russian, J-Pop...
Fav Songs :
* Cake and Sodomy - Marliyn Manson
* El Ritmo Tropical - DDR
* Medication - Garbage
Fav Movies: Willow, The Ring, Labrinth, Cruel Intentions, Wild Things, and Milo and Otis.
Turn On: Anything food related or having to do with someone drunk. There's also the tie-up thing. Sounds pretty kinky I think. :: laughs ::

·Right Now·
Mood:The current mood of at
Click for Sibley, Missouri Forecast

Playing: Nothing
Eating: Cough Drops
Thinking: Dreams I've had recently. Oh look, it's a B day today XD Not A, B! .__. OoooOooo I have Science. bleh. I hate that class.
Wearing: "Love Bites" Shirt, Jeans, Socks, Purple Undies, and my tennis shoes.

anime, sushi, hugs, donuts, shrimp, pasta, t.A.T.u., DDR, dancing, singing, drawing, writing, internet, lust, sharp objects, blood, cats, music, talking on the phone, writing poems, contemplating, and everything else on my intrests part. (scroll down)

people who IM you JUST to say, "a/s/l", slow people, brothers, dumbasses, immature fuckers, little kids, mean people, annoying itches, bug bites, getting sick, preps, people who judge, people who make fun of diffrent people, posers, liars, cheaters, biting my nails, people who talk lyke dis and can't speel write cuz their dumbasses.

·Hate List·
Ashley Hooper - Dumb bitch who's hated me since the 8th grade. She still hates me and well, I hate her too.
Tonya N. - Ashley's lesbian buddie. They like to gang up on me. Tonya hates me because Ashely hates me. Ain't life a bitch.
Ashley M - I hate her and she hates me now too. It all started with my saftey pin braclet that I was wearing. She obviously didn't like me wearing it and made a big scene about it in Science class causeing people to look at me and shit.. -_-;; I fuckin' hate her. She tried to force my braclet off and got hurt in the process. Bitch.
Stacey Foster - A so-called 'christian'. She's what I'd call a whore. Even though I know she isn't, I call her that. She was with Ashley M on the braclet thing. It, how you say, 'offended' her because she goes to chruch. OH PLEASE?! Save that shit for someone who cares, bitch. I see you in the halls all the time, cussing people out. Beating the shit out of innosent people. You're going to hell, and God can't save you.
Von and John - EVIL. Someone should shoot them. I get so annoyed by their high five rude comments on Xanga. They should die. :: stabstabstab::
Josh - God. I'm so glad we never lasted long. He lied to me after we broke up. Lied to his new girlfriend after than and broke her heart after she found out he never loved her. He was using her to make me angry which didn't work. He's a fucking dumbass who doesn't know what the fuck he wants.
Wanna be on my hate list? Just piss me off.


Want to add me, go ahead. Just tell me so I know. Also, I'm not a comment whore so I don't expect to get comments all the time. I never get rid of any of my friends unless they get rid of me.

·Favorite Quotes and Junk·
The only sweet thing I like 'In Katie' - 'Smo
What's a tampon? - Drew
I can't get my pants off!!! - Drew

·Inside Jokes·
Pixel and Chisel are one!
Hi, I'm Brittney Spears, Madonna, Madonna. Pikachu, Pikachu! I'm high, how are you?
What the fuck?!
I swear..

My draggy!
I got my draggy at!!!
Get one!


Whatever Dollz




Dark Rose

Interests:120: angel sanctuary, anime, annoying ppls, bakeing, being a bitch, being a girl, being anoyoing, being depressed, being me, bi, bisexual, biting my arm, biting my nails, blood, bulma, care bears, cats, chibis, cowboy bebop, dance dance revolution, dancing, dancing alone, dancing in my room, daydreaming, dbz, ddr, default, defending myself, diffrent music, dippin' dots, donuts, drawing, dreams, drew-chan, duo, duo maxwell, eating, eating junk food, eskimos, euro-pop, fairys, feelings, finding friends, food, fujin, getting bored, goten, goths, gundam wing, gundamwing, hate, having peace, heero, hellsing, hugs, ice cream, icons, j-pop, kisses, kittens, kitties, las ketchup, love, makeing up words, me, mermaids, momo, morning musume, muffins, my neopets, my privacy, my room, nekos, neopets, peach girl, personality quizes, pizza, plushies, puddles, quizes, rain, ramen noodles, rollplaying, rpg, rping, sailor neptune, sailor pluto, sailormoon, sailorvenus, saying my word ger, seifer, sharp thingies, shrimp, singing, singing alone, singing annoying songs, singing in my room, sleeping, snow, spike, storms, strawberry jelly, swimming, t.a.t.u., talking alot, talking to myself, the babysitters club, thinking, trowa barton, tv, uniqueness, uniques, vampires, vc andrews, wasting money, wasting my life, writing, yaoi, yuri, zechs
Friends:9: dragonkeeper, girlisha, moo_kitty, pinkr0cks, trephination, wordsareweapons, xanthippe, _kris_, __invalid
Friend of:10: dragonkeeper, girlisha, kage, kitty_litter, lostinthenight, moo_kitty, seansbabygirl, wordsareweapons, _kris_, __invalid
Member of:2: confession, fuckup
Account type:Early Adopter

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