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Below is user information for Natalia. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:monkeysarepink (72716)
Location:Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, United States
AOL IM:Natalia106 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Interests:114: 2 dollar fine, ace of base, aladdin, all thats left, avoiding homework, bam margera, bananas, bands, being bored, being me, being perverted, being ukrainian, big comfy couch, blink182, books, bracelets, cake, checkers, cinderella, clinique happy perfume, clone high, colorful stuff, colors, concerts, daria, dashboard confessional, disney world, dklimb, dorks, drinking drinks, earrings, eating food, emo boys, eve 6, floss, flowers, fuck bracelets, funny commercials, going nowhere, goo goo dolls, green day, guitar, guys, homies, hugs, incubus, internet, jackass, jamba juice, johnny depp, killing kittens, korn, laughing, linkin park, lion king, lit, local bands, local shows, lollipops, lord of the rings, mad tv, michelle branch, mighty mighty bosstones, mijos, mirrors, monkeys, movies, murderbook, music, no doubt, not being perfect, oasis, oh jou, okgo, oranges, orlando bloom, overweight squirrels, phone, phone books, photography, pictures, pirates of the caribbean, plugs, queen, rainbows, richard simmons, road trips, savage garden, something corporate, stalking, sublime, system of a down, talking, the beatles, the color pink, the factory, the real world, the wiggles,, tomatoes, trading spaces, ukraine, ukrainian, ukrainian dancing, umbrellas, unghetto guys, universal studios, unsung zeros, water, weezer, weirdos, yearbooks, yellowcard, you
Friends:26: 2simple_words, addicted2you57, adonia, as_pink_as_milk, blackhairdye, burping, candybracelet, dildo, fsuchic24, kkc, lovemakesmesick, marietard, monkeysarepink, noah88, nopatternedsky, pinkstargiraffe, poetiklensane, punkrockpuppy, rate_us_please, redandblack, sisypheangirl, spastick, spinningsmalls, sumthingbusines, unwrapped, _bloody_romance
Friend of:35: addicted2you57, adonia, all_alone_again, angrymelody, arglemargle, babi__qurl, bladingangel, burping, checkeredstar, dildo, fauckersbabe, gonzo_the_great, gummixbear, jamezworld, lilgringagonzo, lisie, lkn4shootinstar, lovemakesmesick, marietard, monkeysarepink, noah88, nopatternedsky, pinkstargiraffe, poetiklensane, punkrockpuppy, redandblack, sallyloveslinus, silverwreckage, sparkleing, spastick, spinningsmalls, sumthingbusines, surferboy360, unwrapped, your_mine888
Member of:6: areyouacoofoo, backwash, kkc, oldschool_tevee, rate_us_please, swap_headphones
Account type:Early Adopter

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