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Below is user information for ★__//モモ. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:momo (24696)
Location:miami, Florida, United States
Bio:wtf happened here! i need to mention to whom this is all possible, thankyou mooglegirl on

support the weirded-momo axis powers, since we will rul3 j00 idiot humans!!! do it or i will eat you!!11 >:D

Name: Yonne

Age: 15

D.O.B: 2/22/88

Likes: Anime, Video games, Bishonen, icon making,
Disney, angels, faeries, jpop, kpop, jrock, yaoi, final fantasy, talking,
flirting, boys, and more of that good stuff
Kamui is MINE so HANDS OFF HIM! >( he's mine HANDS OFF! ^^

Nicknames: Rikku, Angel, Blondy, Bunni, Cherry, Strwberii, and Chii

A bit more?

 I'm nice, sweet, friendly, flirty, I like talking alot and feel free to im me on
aim i also like making more buddies so add me and I'll add ya back.

*__about my sn__*

tada! look it has my sn has its own section it must feel so speacial! ... anyway, momo is
peach in japanese ALSO its the name of the star of Wedding Peach Hanasaki Momoko!(her name is momo for short) but wait! who else has the name? why the cute little momo from xenosaga of coarse! o'.'o so there we go my sn fits me cuz i like fruits, i like japan, i love anime, and i love to play v. games! ^__^

thnx maribel!


thanx strawberrygirl! thanx strawberrygirl!
thnx maribel!

 thnx sarah (strawberrygirl) u r the best <3! 
thnx sarah!made by me with help from my bro lol! thnx kitsune! i'm an anime freak me + anime = anime dork


 I thank strawberrygirl
, deadly_kitsune,
deathavril for a few of my lovely blinkies thanx guys!! ^^<33

Interests:82: ???, aa! megamisama, angelic layer, anime, anime conventions, bishounen, cardcaptor sakura, celes, chrono trigger, coca cola, computers, cosplay, digi charat, digimon, drawing, dreaming, dreams, eiko, el hazard, fantasy, final fantasy, fruits basket, full moon wo sagashite, fun, fushigi yuugi, hamasaki ayumi, happiness, harry potter, hayashibara megumi, hello kitty, japanese music, josie and the pussycats, journals, jpop, jrock, kamikaze kaitou jeanne, karaoke, kimura yuki, kodomo no omocha, kos-mos, link, magic knight rayearth, mahou shoujo, mahou tsukai tai, manga, momo, moogles, mp3s, nanami, neopets, nurse angel ririka sos, oliver wood, photography, pretear, ranma 1/2, reading, ribon, rpgs, savage garden, secret of mana, seiken densetsu, sewing, shoujo, simpsons, singing, sleeping, smiling, soda, soulmates, star ocean, super smash brothers, swimming, tales of destiny, tennis, the legend of zelda, time stranger kyoko, tonde buurin, volleyball, webdesign, wedding peach, writing, xenosaga
Friends:63: aitenshii, animeaddme, animeicons, anti_illiteracy, arashixchan, archer_legolas, aurora_borealis, bloodshot, blurty_marriage, bondageseraph, cathexis, charmz, crystal123, dark_requiem, deathavril, deathsummoner, disbelieving, dusty_top_hat, ellone, empress_light, fattony121789, finalove, final_dream, fuckyou, furuba_desu_yo, gamergirls, g_kun, hello_kitty_fan, inugamicircus, japanese_cg, kawaiidreamer14, kh_com, kiko, lithium, lounge_act, magiciangirl, meggi, meroko, mokona_onna, momo, moon_flow, optigan, photoshop, piveren, renaa, revenge_of_sare, rhorewyn, sanrioicons, shadow2084, singing_yuna, souma_kyo, so_plush, squaresoft_icon, strawberryblush, strawberrygirl, uotani, weirded, xdarkerxlovex, xlennex2, yugioh_yaoi, yusaho, _rinoa_, _yuna_
Friend of:39: aitenshii, arashixchan, aurora_borealis, bassoon_chiq, bloodshot, crystal123, darknite, deathsummoner, dusty_top_hat, ellone, fattony121789, final_dream, florafallal, g_kun, inugamicircus, kawaiidreamer14, kellybb2527, kiko, lithium, lushuzlipzz, meggi, mokona_onna, momo, piveren, renaa, rhorewyn, shadowvitani, souma_kyo, so_plush, strawberryblush, strawberrygirl, uotani, weirded, xdarkerxlovex, xdreamsawayo, xlennex2, yusaho, _rinoa_, _yuna_
Member of:19: animeaddme, animeicons, antidiva, anti_avril, anti_hilaryduff, anti_illiteracy, blurty_marriage, fuckyou, furuba_desu_yo, gamergirls, hello_kitty_fan, japanese_cg, lounge_act, meroko, photoshop, p_c, simpsons4eva, squaresoft_icon, yugioh_yaoi
Account type:Early Adopter

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