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Below is information about the "The 19th century and beyond" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:modern_art (492914)
Name:The 19th century and beyond
About:Modern_Art is a community dedicated to anything related to fine art from the 19th century and later. This includes but is not limited to: Impressionism, art deco, art noveau, bauhaus, pop art, op art, abstract expressionism, and expressionism. Here we are to discuss artists and paintings, and post your own work ONLY IF IT'S ON TOPIC. This isn't just an artists community, rather an appreciation of modern art. There are some guidlines, however:

+ Please stay on topic! If you are an artist, and of course do modern art, feel free to post work. However, this is not JUST dedicated to artists. There are already many artists communities here on blurty. This one strives to show art history along with personal artwork.

+ When posting pictures, lj-cut is not just recommended, but enforced! If within 24 hours of posting your entry still has that ugly-sized picture that's stretching the journal, you will be asked to remove it. If in another 24 hours you have not cooperated, your entry WILL be edited with a warning at the bottom. More than 5 violations, YOU ARE OUT OF HERE.

+ Keep all posts over about 75 lines, please do use LJ-cut. Rules apply to this as they do images.

+ Do not post anything rude or inflammatory. No put-downs! Harrassment is NOT allowed and you will be removed if you do so. Constructive criticism is ENCOURAGED, but criticism is not.

+ If you create a new journal, tell us so we can remove you! If you just delete yourself, tell us again through email or by making a post about it. These are the only off-topic things allowed! If you do not tell us, within 30 days of your deletion you will be removed. If after that you create a new account, you are more than welcome to come back. :D

+ The last rule is to FOLLOW THE RULES. If you violate anything, you will have 5 offenses untill you are banned from here. Off-topic discussion is 1/2 offense, lj-cut is 1, and criticism/rudeness is on account for 5. You will be welcome to join back if you show sincerity! However, people who show disrespect towards others WILL NOT be permitted to rejoin.

I know, it seems a bit strict, but it has to be kept in order! Chaos is not wanted. Also, feel free to advertise our community if you'd like to! New members are always appreciated. Really.

If you have any more questions, problems, or comments, feel free to email the owner/maintainer, thatsamore.

Interests:50: 19th century, 19th century art, 20th century, 20th century art, abstract art, abstract expressionism, amadeo modigliani, andy warhol, art, art class, art deco, art noveau, art school, bauhaus, bridget reilly, cartoons, charles sheeler, chuck close, claude monet, contemporary art, creativity, drawing, edward hopper, georges braque, henri toulouse-lautrec, impressionism, jackson pollock, joan miro, joseph albers, keith haring, linocut, marc chagall, mark rothko, media, modern art, op art, pablo picasso, painting, paul klee, piet mondrian, pop art, rene magritte, roy lichtenstein, salvador dali, sculpture, sketching, surrealism, tamara de lempika, vincent van gogh, wassily kadinsky
Members:3: alanahoney, bansheeeyes, horrorshow_
Watched by:1: horrorshow_
Account type:Free User

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