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User:mmm_melly (127910)
Website:pics & info ;DDD
Location:Jacksonville, Florida, United States


I'm melly to you. I was born in `85 so that makes me __ years old. figure it out. I'm white-o-rican. I get the white-ness from my dad, and the rican-ness from my mom. I live with my dad, right now, because my Mom is in kuwait for the Army. As soon as she gets out tho (in about 6 months),i'm gone ;D I'm bout 5'8 1/2 red hair . brown/green eyes . they change . tanna`white . I have a boyfriend, Timothy. heh <3. I live in jacksonville florida - which is about the gayest city/state you can ever possibly live in.I hate it. Its alright if your a fuckin tourist but not if you plan on living there for your whole entire life. blah. My favorite color is > green. i listen to just about everything. from emo to just a little bit of pop. i LOVE leopard`printed`anything <3333 my whole bed is leopard. woo !# ;D mwah <3

credit to:
Shannon gothicprincess ; for help on my over ride codes<333 thanks!


my lil redneck, TIMOTHY!#$ I love you so much babe. ;] + ASHLEY -MY CHOOBIE<333 .she gets to be first cuz she's special. + mary (urblinkgirly) + david (fried_fred) + melissa (mel1ssa) + cara + scott + j e s s a<3 + noah (c0ckyone) + adam (da_ladies_man) + dylan (bigpimpd) + my nickis <33 (bloodyhandzx) + miranda + kenny + ryan + levi + howie + shawn my BUNNY <3 + john + sean + ira + taylorrr (s3xua1_t3ns10n</b>)</b> + philip + angie + mikey + christaphobic + josh + paul + javi + jaret + cam + jason + cricket + amber (bffL<3) + ashley (my babys momma, lmao) + robyn (MONTEL SHOW!) + michael (midget) + michael + rachel (lmao. leach) + keith (pillsburryyy) + olga (rafter, lmao) + colleen (CARBEAR!) + jeremy (stoopidface)


my blurty is friends-only `cuz : there are some people I just don't want reading it -- I'd like to know who's got access to it -- nosey ass mofo's -- d r a m a + to be added : add me first -- comment + let me know you've added me -- comment as much as you can -- i'll pretty much add whoever + you'll be cut if : i dont like you -- YoO tYpE lYkEh DiSsZ -- i don't relate -- you show stupidity -- you never comment -- you never update -- your whole f'n blurty is dedicated to surveys -- or your just.., a bitch


these are my e.a. accounts, they're up for trade for either another account ; or something else. be creative ;D
  1. /~s3xua1_t3ns10n !!USED!!
  2. /~_lovebites
  3. /~smartypants
  4. /~chocolate_
  5. /~pretty_bxtchin !!USED!!
  6. /~010203
  7. /~_n_a_u_g_h_t_y_ !!USED!!
  8. /~bubble_yum !!USED!!
  9. /~bubble_butt
  10. /~lil_ms_dork
  11. /~lil_ms_dimples
  12. /~te_amo_
  13. /~mi_amor_
_____________________________________ these are my claims: Javi (person) Ashley's toes (person) the color green (color) the color pink (color) toe socks (thing) boopsie (nickname) vin diesels arms (body part) eminems body (body part) my happy bunny beanie (thing) christina - infatuation (song) jlo - dear ben (song) cherries (food/thing) arial font , size 9 (thing) leopard print (thing) and I claim dimples (thing) moomoo boxers (clothing) thongs (clothing) boxers (clothing) a bork (silverwaree) the saying 'nerner' (saying) at claim_shite__________________________________ I also claimed the songs: tatu - stars staind - outside at s0ng_claims_________________________________ I claimed the candy: strawberry sour punch straws at claim_a_candy______________________________ I claimed: Javi's (a friend) lips at claim_my_body


the word `manillaness' + my tongue ring + COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG <333333 + boys + ignoring people + the song 'dear ben' by jLo + bitching for no apparent reason + arguments + conflicts + stories + IM's + tounges + eyes + lips + hands + poems + making layouts + making icons + cherries + making backgrounds + html shtuff + pictures + coloring books + crayons + kisses + hugs + being held + being touched + the color green + leopard print + arial font + my aol + aim + yahoo + my blurty + my bed + music + sleeping + writing + reading + rap + being lazy + the movie girl fight + making up + faces + my big blue glasses + mtv + mad tv + mtv2 + mmusa + snl + alternative + rock + trance/techno/jungle/house + break beats + thin mint girl scout cookies + downloading + burning cd's + writing letters + updating + commenting + psp7 + my sexy pants <3


smile empty soul + three days grace + tatu + jlo + redman + murderdolls + christina a + eminem + taproot + lil kim + f.a.b.o.l.o.u.s + staind + wheatus + the offspring + all american rejects + the ataris + evanescene + fat joe + thalia + dj keoki + dj baby anne + stucky + snoop dogg + simple plan + switchfoot + iil nino + seether + sean paul + rufio + return to mono + RA + quad city dj's + pantera + papa roach + no doubt + mystical + ice cube + mariah carey + menmechanical + madonna + macy gray + lisa marie + linkin park + lil wayne + korn + sheryl crow + justin timberlake + icp + gary jules + frankie j + evanescene + disturbed + cold play + chamaira + blur + cmm + bowling for soup + ayla + 69 boys


pretty_bxtchin I made this community one day when I was bored. We do bios, simple layouts, icons, backgrounds, friends only signs, thank you signs, blurty signs, animations, link buttons, link banners, and pretty much anything else in the html/graphic department. If we can't fill your request, we'll send you to somebody who CAN. yep yep! so join it and read the rules..'cause melly says so. ;] also, I've got an iCON JOURNAL now. so; if you want icons and shxt, go here - bubble_yum


mark + D R A M A + bitches who look like diseased dogs + bitches in general + chris + assholes + cheaters + sluts + whores + hoes + self centered ppl + loosing friends over stupid shit + people who complain + people who take the first side of who ever's legs are to be spread first + egotistical bastards + people who pinch my f'n cheeks + people who think they're cute + asses + hair + relationships ;/ + pretty much everything + JEFF + lying +deceiving + when you don't own up to the shit you do + pretending + being led on + one night stands` + that damn lalalalala song by atc + watching alot of tv + not being on the computer + waking up in the morning + school + work + being alone + school + my dad
me and lilnick have bebe's now ! ;D w00t. I adopted a cute lil' cow fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus! that's our bebe nick jr, he wanted to be the cow =] I adopted a cute lil' fairy fetus from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus! and that's our bebe melly jr, ;] This counter provided for free from!


v,.1 regular blurty layout + v,.2 red&white//cherries + v,.3 purple&white//fantasy//dear ben by Jlo + v,.4 black&white//goodnight starlight by Juliana Theory + v,.5 black&white//one more sad song by rejects + v,.6 lt blue&white&black//lil ms dork & koolaid + v,.7 gray&black//beginning of the end by Spineshank//ded-mark + v,.8 red&white//until the day I die//ded-nick + v,.9 blue&white//addicted by Enrique<3//ded-nick + [[current]] v,.10 pink&white//pretty in pink

Memories:1 entry Interests:1: courage the cowardly dog Friends:8: bigpimpd, bloodyhandzx, c0ckyone, da_ladies_man, mmm_melly, s3xua1_t3ns10n, urblinkgirly, _pimplimp Friend of:26: ayprull, beat_it_up, bloodyhandzx, brians_engel, bubble_yum, c0ckyone, curvez_nd_kliit, da_ladies_man, dustinnnnn, inviisible, krazzi_n_alone, mel1ssa, mmm_melly, nerdiish_whore, nobodiizgirl, qlossyliipsz, s3xua1_t3ns10n, shatteredreams, slobkillah69, smoke_tha_doobi, sweetxseducti0n, urblinkgirly, wetxwilma, _pimplimp, _scented, ___bitch___ Member of:10: chocolate_, claim_a_bjuser, claim_my_body, claim_yo_bitch, friendsonlysign, hoodiewhores, pretty_bxtchin, psptutorials, s0ng_claims, surveysluts Account type:Early Adopter

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