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Below is user information for You'll Never Understand. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:mizz_dee (729931)
Name:You'll Never Understand
Location:New Jersey, United States
Bio:Hiyuh my names Danielle and i'm 13 years old. I have brown curly hair and bluish eyes about 5'1.Yes, I am bi. I go to hms and like to make people's lives hell.

I AM* mean, uncaring, sarcastic, truthful, yes i can be a asshole, smart , funny , the leader of the army, i can be nice loving friendly to certain people

I HATE* being prejudged,annoying people, cheerleaders, people who think they are funny and there not, people who can say shit about you to your face, people who can't fight, people who like start shit but don't finish it, people who think they are my friends, people who like drama, people that think i am insane becuase they would rather think that than know the truth, people who think they understand me, people who say they miss sean when they don't, i hate jocks, i hate country music, i hate teachers, i hate parents, i hate people who call my cell every couple of seconds to just talk, people who are afraid of stupid shit, people who think they can rap, people who give high fives, people who are afraid to be themselves, people that care what other people think, i most likely hate you too.

FRIENDS* austin, jerry, lukey, sean, kev, kevin, lonny, peter, maria, joe, brian, tyrese, kequan, la darien, cj, curtis, alex, justin, mary, sam, monica, nate, jenn, bianca, kate, john, kelly, kyle, rj, ashley, gabbiee, steve, pat, ryan, bryan, kayla, billy, mike, jackie, lauren, shelia, ryan k, carmen, cami,katie, brytt, bobby, kyle j, meagan,meg, n da rest of da army... i got yuhss
Interests:10: cutting myself, dancing, fighting, friends, rap music, shopping, snow boarding, talking to friends, writing, yelling
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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