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Below is user information for tori. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:mizz_bubbles (850205)
Location:ontario, Canada
Bio:[čàℓℓ мЗ] torii / tor / tor tor / bubbles / etc
[яєаснєѕ] five wunn
[ѕєєѕ тнѓϋ] honey brown eyes
[соиdітіоиѕ] long light brown hair
[саиdℓєѕ] fourteen
[édüĉátέd] sjss
[ρяоud то bε] italian


- -myGurlzNBoiiz//i lahv yu <3*
- -liba/val/bettia/alyssa/steffa//yu gurlz are amazinng!
- -[s]s[s]; mandii&nat
- -rainnn & snoww
- -my kitty smokeyy <3
- -movies; Mean Girls, The Butterfly Effect, Monster, Finding Nemo, A Cinderella Story, American Pie I, II, & Wedding, Without a Paddle, etc.
- -skiing ;)
- -music[!] luv it, cant live w/o it!; beatz/euro/dance/rock/punk/whatever--as long as i lyke it.
- -That 70s Show//South Park[family channel too! haha i <3* tha weekenderz!]
- -havin funn + doin stupid craZy thingz!
- -long walkz
- -writing (esp. songs/poetry)

..*[hearts break, but they also mend || time heals all wounds || feelings change || flirting is a hobbie || age is a number not a reason || love is a feeling and not an age || never give up || never give in || life is short || the ones you love are taken from you too soon and the ones you don't like never seem to go away]*..

i don't care what people say about me. i don't care if you don't like my makeup, my hair, my clothes, my shoes, whatever. if you don't like it, don't look. if you don't know me, don't act like you do. dont worry about who calls you a slut. boys come and go. i can be bitchy and give attitude--if somethings not right, i'll speak up. but hey, that's the way i am. you don't like it? tuff.

One thing i learned about life?--it goes on.

EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

©'05 by TORI.
Memories:1 entry
Interests:80: acting, amanda seyfried, apples, ashton kutcher, beaches, ben jelen, beyonce, birthday, blink-182, blue, boyfriend, boyz, brand new, bubble gum, candy, carmen electra, cats, chad michael murray, charlieze theron, christina aguilera, christmas, ciara, clubbing, dancing, dashboard confessional, destiny's child, dory, drew barrymore, elephanties, elisha cuthbert, excitement, friendz, fruit, fun, google, hilarie burton, honey, hugs, ice cream, icicles, jennifer lopez, jessica simpson, jojo, jonathan bennet, kisses, lacey chabert, lindsay lohan, lip gloss, lips, love, mark hoppus, mascara, mean girls, money, movies, msn, music, nick lachey, night, oranges, partying, peter, phone, piggies, poetry, purses, rachel mcadams, romance, shopping, singing, skiing, snow, sophia bush, summer boy, taking back sunday, the used, tom delonge, travis barker, vacations, writing
Friends:1: _muffin_
Friend of:1: _muffin_
Account type:Free User

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