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Below is user information for NiKO NiKO. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:missniko (988)  
Name:NiKO NiKO
Location:United States
AOL IM:spiegelvalentine (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio: My name is Niko. I am a girl. Happy time indeed.
Interests:104: , 2gether, =w=, adult swim, anarchy, anath47, anime, anti-mtv, art, artifical strawberry flavoring, ballet, biting, black eyeliner, black nail polish, blow, boys in makeup, bracelets, catholic schoolgirl uniforms, chocobo, chrono trigger, cold weather, corsets, cowboy bebop, dancing, daria, deftones, depression, diet coke, dorks, family guy, faye valentine, ffvii, geek glasses, gene starwind, glasses, green day, grunge, guys, hackers, hating people, hello kitty, holding hands, hoodies, infomercials, jimmies chicken shack, johnny depp, kids in the hall, kinky stuff, kisses, kitties, korn, kurt cobain, linkin park, lucky skunx, makeup, matthew lillard, megatokyo, michael cuccione, mindless self indulgence, my friends, nirvana, outlaw star, pain, pez, photography, powerpuff girls, psychology, punk covers, rain, ramen, randomness, rings, rivers cuomo, rocky horror picture show, role playing, safety pins, saturday night live, sealab 2021, serial experiments: lain, sifl & olly, silverchair, simon has no pants, simpsons, ska, slc punk, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, snl celebrity jeopardy, south park, spike spiegel, spooky, star wars, stars, strawberry frosted pop tarts, stuffed animals, subtitles, teddy bears, the legend of zelda, the wonder years, torrid, video games, water, weezer, writing
Friends:2: contagious, phil
Friend of:1: phil
Account type:Early Adopter

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