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User:misslavender (76217)

I live with my full blooded wizard parents on a farm, which I absolutely love. When I'm not at home, I am at Hogwarts.

Basics: Lavender Elizabeth Brown

Nicknames: Lav, Purple,

Birthday: August 13

Age: Seventeen(W00P!)


Physical Description

Lavender is quite a pretty young lady. She gets her height(5'6") from her father, who is a tall man. Her mother, on the other hand, is very short. Lavender always tries to keep her appearance nice, always getting regular hair cuts. Her hair is long, chesnut brown, and at the moment, is layered. She doesn't like to be like other girls and wear a lot of make-up. Ususally, she only puts on mascara, eyeshadow and a bit of lipgloss. When she does dress up, she turns out quite nice looking. With her high cheekbones, her face is very mature, but yet still young for her age.

When not wearing robes, Lavender wears a varity of different things. What she wears depends on her mood at the minute. When in a serious mood, she dresses in a very grown up way, wearing khakis and women's polo shirts. When she's dressing up, she goes for very interesting outfits that set her apart from the rest of the crowd. But when she gets homesick or is at home, she usually wears rolled up jeans and a old t-shirt.

Her Home

Most people think Lavender lives in the suburbs, close to a very active metropolis. Her close friends know she actually lives on a farm in the country with her 2 parents and younger sister, Isabelle.

Lavender loves her home, and will tell it to anybody who will listen. She loves to go walking in the woods, still secretly loves to climb trees(Shhh!!), and sit out around her pond toying around with her thoughts about life. She likes living out in the country, and wouldn't trade her home for anything in the world.


Lavender is really a romantic at heart, and would love a guy who fits her standards. In 4th and half of 5th year, she went out with Seamus Finnigan. They decided to call it quits when they decided they didn't want a too serious relationship at that moment in their lives. She will go to the ball with Seamus, and her crush on him will return.

Charcter Analysis

Lavender is not a quiet person, but can be when she is trying to be serious, or either very very mad. She's at that time of her life where her feelings fluctuate all the time. She feels nobody really knows the real her, and that people judge her to be a "stuck up snob" without getting to know her(which is true).

She is very loyal to her friends, and will do anything if one of them needs help. She secretly wishes all the houses would get along, due to the return of Voldemort.

Interests:7: hogsmeade, hogwarts, magic, muggles, quidditch, spells, wizards
Friends:37: bell_katie, cornered, dearold_hagrid, distances, dogstar, doubleredheads, exheadboypercy_, gildylicious, ginny_red, gryff_pride, hannahabbott, headmaster_d, ihatecornedbeef, irishbloke, knockturnalley, lucius_malfoyde, macmillan, maxrose, miss_cho_chang, miss_hermione, miss_zabini, mrquidditch, narcissam, padma_patil, padma_patil_, parkinson, parvati_patil_, professor_lupin, prof_mcgonagall, quidditchron, ravenclawgirl, raven_boi, sir_snape, su_li, tracey_davis, _dracomalfoy_, _dragontamer_
Friend of:10: doubleredheads, gildylicious, gryff_pride, huffle_meg, ihatecornedbeef, miss_cho_chang, parvati__patil, proff_dragonfly, quidditchron, su_li
Account type:Early Adopter

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