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User:missjesyka (371586)  
Bio:I'm short. Life happens that way. I can't ever find jeans that fit...they are all too long. I hate girls. We are stupid. I only have two girls that I consider real friends, and the others are boys...most of whom seriously need a lesson in manners...southern chivalry is dead. I sit at work and wait until 5 so I can be free again to do nothing. I read. That is the only way people can stay individuals, the danger is that they take the ideas and pretend they are their own...I like myself most of the time. Ranch dressing goes with everything. Pre-relationship rules are stupid...if you want to call, call, you don't have to wait a day, a week, etc. Roses are over done. Don't be a slave to this world-we're not made to be here (Thanks to Jesus Christ) and we are not made to be cookie-cutter people. Know your book. I'm tired of disrespectful and ignorant people. I think I'm a closet narcisist.
Interests:16: austrailia, books, bouldering, cheese cake, climbing, dostoyevsky, elephants, great danes, hiking, jesus, movies, music, photography, poetry, ranch dressing, snowboarding
Friends:1: blindboysidol
Account type:Free User

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