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User:missglittbliss (723383)  
Name:Jaime Lynn
Location:Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Bio:Umm, Bored is the reason Im writing this... Plus I got some issues lately... perhaps if I write out some feelings it will help relieve my stress. Oh ok, so the question... Im 21 blonde-ish most of the time... physically and mentally. Im a shorty, and Im a fatty girl, but its cool. Green eyes, some people say blue... but basically... they are green. TRYING to survive life right now... have yet to find good survival tactics... getting by by the skin of my teeth most of the time. I TRY to be funny... gets me in trouble... I say things I dont mean... I critize people everyday... Im my worst critict. Im a virgo. Im bossy and spoiled. Otherwise, great person... he. =(
Interests:49: aeropostle, avon junk, back to the future, blink182, blue, eye shadow, fairies, flavored chapstick/lipgloss, glitter, grey, independence day, kayley, lancome juicy tubes, laughing, linkin park, loreal pink grapefruit/sugarcoated, mariah carey, mya, nicholas, old navy, pink, rachell, rainbow brite, raspberry iced tea, redhotchilipeppers, remy red, root beer, rum & coke, samantha, say anything, sean paul, shiny glossy lips, sleeping beauty, so much more..., sparkles, springtime, story of the year, summertime, teddy ruxpin, terry lee, the breakfast club, the dark crystal, the gap heaven, the last unicorn, the popples, the princess bride, tinkerbell, underworld, victorias secret amber romance
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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