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User:missaguilera (2760)
Location:New York, United States
AOL IM:CantBeChristina (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:You think you know, but you have no idea...

This is the journal of Christina Aguilera. I write. I sing. I dance....I dream

{not really Christina, nothing should be taken as fact here as it is only part of a role playing game. it is not meant to hurt or offend anyone, I am simply a fan and a writer}
Interests:6: black, dance, leather, love, music, red
Friends:97: affleck, alex_james, aly_hannigan, angelina_jolie, ashanti_s_d, a_band, a_keys, a_williford, basstard, benji_gc, bono_vox, bon_jovi, brandon__boyd, britt_murphy, brokster_brian, b_rok, camui_gackt, carter_nickolas, chantal, chelle_branch, christinaricci, damon_albarn, dushku, evantaubenfeld, fatone, freddieprinzejr, gil_doron, graham_coxon, greenwald, hartnett, holmes, h_ledger, i_hanson, j0el_madden, jason_london, jenna_dewan, jen_lopez, jon_lee, joshjackson, jr_timberlake, js_chasez, justin_guarini, j_aniston, j_garner, j_law, j_shaddix, kelly__clarkson, kimberly_anne, kirkpatrick_c, knoxville, k_kreuk, latona, laura_prepon, lavigne_a, ljr_witherspoon, l_littrell, mandy_mandy, marion_ravn, mark_hoppus, mark_mcgrath, marshall_bruce, masquerader, matt_damon, mayer, mclean, milakunis, missaguilera, moore_pink, m_larsen, m_trachtenberg, nat__portman, n_mckibbin, paul_cattermole, phillippe, raine_maida, reality_unwoven, rzez, sambora, sarah_martin, scott__moffatt, shakira, stefani, summer_phoenix, s_elizabeth, tamyragray, taubenfeld_e, thom_yorke, tom_d, topher_grace, trevor_penick, t_hanson, unwoven_icons, vanessa_c, wade_jro, xbritspears, z_hanson, _billy
Friend of:45: amanda__bynes, anna__faris, brandon__boyd, brokster_brian, carter_nickolas, charismac, c_ashton, damon_albarn, darkangel007, dushku, gil_doron, graham_coxon, greenwald, hartnett, h_ledger, i_hanson, johnnyknoxville, joshjackson, kelly__clarkson, kimberly_anne, k_kreuk, laura_prepon, ljr_witherspoon, marion_ravn, mark_mcgrath, marshall_bruce, masquerader, matt_damon, mayer, missaguilera, m_larsen, nat__portman, nicky___carter, sarah_martin, scott__moffatt, shakira, s_elizabeth, tamyragray, tom_d, trevor_penick, vanessa_c, wade_jro, xbritspears, _lindsay_, __alexisbledel
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