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Below is user information for Miss Pants. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:miss_pants (564313)  
Name:Miss Pants
Website:Must see
Interests:93: ac/dc, adam, afro man, animal crossing, big brother, biz markie, black sabbith, buddy holly, cake, ccr, cheep trick, cindy lauper, counting crows, cream, divo, dmx, elo, elton john, english humor, er, eric burden, eric clapton, etta james, friends, frooty loops, gorden lightfoot, guiding light, harvey danger band, homestar runner, jethro tull, jimmi hendrix, jimmy neutron, jimy buffet, joan of arcadia, judas priest, kiss, led zepplin, lipgloss, ludacris, madonna, makeovers, makeup, matthew sweet, metalica, monty python, nerdy boys, no doubt, offspring, outkast, pants, patsy cline, paula cole, peggy lee, portishead, primus, procol harum, queen, reality tv, sara mclaughlin, silver chair, simon and garfunkel, ska, sponge, sublime, sugarloaf, tenacious d, tesla, the aquabats, the beach boys, the beetles, the cranberries, the doors, the foo fighters, the hollies, the misfits, the monkeys, the police, the pretenders, the ramones, the strokes, the thunderbirds, the troggs, the virvpipe, the white stripes, the who, theatre, u2, van halen, vw beetles, weezer, white snake, wierd al, zombies
Friends:7: ariginal_lay0ut, boundandgagged, emmylo, jellyroll, jus4luffs, suisou, wrtmealuvstry
Friend of:1: jus4luffs
Member of:1: ariginal_lay0ut
Account type:Free User
Date created:2003-10-22 10:48:32
Date updated:2003-10-27 13:25:57, 581 weeks ago
Clients used:Win32-MFC: 1.4.6
Journal entries:4
Comments:Posted: 1 - Received: 1
Shared Journal Access:miss_pants can post to ariginal_lay0ut

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