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Below is user information for Milena. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:miss_mila (169760)
Website:Hello Wisconsin!!!
Location:United States
AOL IM:M for Mila (Add Buddy, Send Message)


Mila. Mila Kunis. Woot Woot.

[not real. leave me be. dont sue, i have no money.]

Interests:72: 311, acting, acting crazy, aerosmith, afi, all american rejects, ataris, audioslave, beastie boys, bjork, black, chanel, cheesecake, chevelle, cky, coldplay, dancing, danny masterson, deftones, emo, finch, frank sinatra, french fries, get over it, gia, good charlotte, grease, gucci, hot hot heat, hot rod circut, incubus, infomercials, janes addiction, jimi hendrix, jimmy eat world, kirsten dunst, loving anabelle, marc jacobs, matchbox 20, metallica, nirvana, phantom planet, piercings, red hot chili peppers, rooney, rufio, saks 5th avenue, saves the day, sex and the city, shoes, sleeping, something corporate, soundgarden, spongebob squarepants, sr71, sublime, sugarcult, tattoos, tenacious d, that '70s show, the get up kids, the mafia, the movielife, the sopranos, the starting line, tony n tinas wedding, tool, versace, will and grace, wilmer valderrama, winnie the pooh, wrestling
Friends:20: amysevanescence, anaiis_lameche, benji__m27, britt_j_spears, brody_a_bitch, chuckles, david_sp, emily_vancamp, greg__smith, jrt_justin, juicy_hil, katiecassidy, miss_mila, not_your_god, r0le_model, rm_mod, sexxtina, simmadowntobey, s_lynne, tasharay__evin
Friend of:100: affleckted_, afflecktion_, alexisxbledel, aly_lovesflutes, al_williford, ambrosio, ant_banderas, asia_argento, avrilll, avy__, a_leigh, behr_, beloved, bif_naked, brianireland, caseyaffleck, chad_m, charleejohnson, chino, christi_milian, cone__, cook_aj, craigxdavid, dushku__e, dylandouglas, ehrinnc, emmaaa, emma_caulfield, ewan_mcgreg, feelinbeautiful, foo_man_dave, fpj, freakxme_lance, freaky_fatone, freddie__prinze, fuckin_rivers, furtado_, glittergrrrl, great_danes, halo_ginger_r, heatherxdonahue, hudson_, its_patrick, jenkins_s, jennyjenmac, jenny_frost, jenny___lopez, jessica_a, jess_biel, jimmy_fallon, jones_norah, jordanxpundik, joshh, juicy_hil, justin_beck, just_chelle, katemoss, kelly_brianne, kiss_my_bass, kreuk___k, lellow_keys, l_evin, mandy_l_moore, marion_raven, mayer_, meghan_, mikey_shinoda, mischa_barton, miss_mila, mmoore, nicolexkidman, ofarim, pasillas_xj, rach_lee, randystrohmeyer, ryanphillippe, sami_mumba, sebastien_sp, selma, shannon__e, simmadowntobey, stages, stefani__, tbp_scott, tdogg, tobeymaguire, tobey_torres, tony_mestup_kid, treid, trent, vanderbeek, williford_, wilmerama, xchadx, _elijah, _hathaway_, _nick_c_, _rosemcgowan_, __billy, __seb
Member of:2: r0le_model, rpg_ads
Account type:Early Adopter

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