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User:miseryhead (44336)
Location:Quincy, Massachusetts, United States
Bio:oh no
feels like i'm falling
away from myself

feels like it's calling
calling, calling, calling
Interests:110: 2ge+her, 30 seconds to mars, a perfect circle, afi, angel, ashley kerwin, avalanche, beast, berzerker, bishop, blindside, blob, boom boom, brandon boyd, breaking benjamin, caliban, callisto, cannonball, christian lindskog, colossus, converse, craig manning, cute boring love, cyclops, dan hawkins, davey havok, degrassi, depswa, destiny, distorted lullabies, dizzy, ed graham, empty box, facade, fallen souls, forge, frankie poullain, friends, gambit, gvb, hamtaro, havok, him, hoobastank, iceman, incubus, jake epstein, jared leto, jean grey, jimmy gnecco, joaquin phoenix, jubilee, juggernaut, justin hawkins, kidneythieves, king of the closet, lady deathstrike, leaves, legolas, lost prophets, lucid, magma, magneto, make yourself, marcus dahlstrom, melissa mcintyre, memento, mesmero, miseryhead, multiple, music, my so called life, mystique, nightcrawler, omega red, orlando bloom, ours, phoenix, precious, professor x, pyro, quicksilver, raven, rick cullen, rogue, sabretooth, sammi, scarlet witch, signs, silence, simon grenehed, sometimes, spyke, storm, sunspot, sweden, the darkness, the never ending story, the used, thought like flames, toad, tomas naslund, tool, trini, ville valo, wolfsbane, wolverine, x-men, x-men the cartoon, x23
Friends:6: celebrityclaims, chadginsburg, cuteboringlove, incubusfans, redcoloredstars, the_offspring
Friend of:5: blueandyellow, chadginsburg, ganj9000, ghandi, xenfinity
Member of:3: incubusfans, redcoloredstars, the_offspring
Account type:Early Adopter

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