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User:mirror_image (302168)
Location:Pennsylvania, United States
Yahoo! (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:My name is Kyoko, meaning "Mirror" in Japanese. That's not my real name, of course, but I believe that Kyoko is my true name, the name your soul gives to you when you discover who you truely are. The personality you see are mirror images of who that person really is, but the reflection is blurred, altered somewhat. That's what I am. A mirror image of myself. Confused yet??? I love Gundam Wing (especially 1X2 and Duo in general), Outlaw Star, Norse mythology, Harry Potter, especially HarryXSnape (Woohoo!!) with Harry/Draco as a close second. I also love Lord Of The Rings. I ESPECIALLY love Orlando Bloom, who plays Legalos in the movie version. I currently am oart of several claims groups.

anime_marriage- Duo Maxwell(Gundam Wing)
claim_anime- Wufei Chang (Gundam Wing){NOT
Lucrezia Noin (Gundam Wing)
claim_a_weapon- Duo's Deathsythe (Gundam Wing)
claim_magna- Duo Maxwell, Heero Yuy, Quarte
Winner (all from Gundam Wing)
claim_the_slash- HeeroxDuo (Gundam Wing)
PercyxOliver (Harry Potter)
hpclaims- Hermione Granger
Interests:51: 1x2, 2x5, 3x5, 42nd street, animorphs, annie, annie get your gun, broadway plays, care bears, college, color guard, computers, cutting, duo, fiddler on the roof, gay rights, geek, gryffindor, gundam seed, gundam wing, harry potter, harryxdraco, harryxsnape, hello dolly, hermione, iceman, labryinth, league of their own, legalos, movies, mp3's, mudblood, nion, norse, oliver wood, orlando bloom, outlaw star, pyro, pyromaniac, ragtime: the musical, rouge, runes, sean biggerstaff, shawn ashmore, storm, suicide, three musketeers, west side story, winter guard, wish bear, x-men
Friends:13: anime_marriage, bleeding_wings, claim_anime, claim_a_weapon, claim_librettos, claim_manga, claim_the_slash, hpclaims, japanesemonkey, pyro_babe, yaoi_bandits, yaoi_couples, you_x_who
Friend of:1: bleeding_wings
Member of:9: anime_marriage, claim_anime, claim_a_weapon, claim_manga, claim_the_slash, hpclaims, yaoi_bandits, yaoi_couples, you_x_who
Account type:Free User

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