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User:mirakuru (190940)
Bio:Chaaaaaa! Welcome to my journal! Right now I'mma 12, and in my first year at The Mary Sue Academy of Suewarts, learning just the best way to sparkle and shine my way to stardom! *starry eyes* Chaaaaaaaa!

I'm a proud member of Flammasari House. I also have a pet kitsuneguma named Chisa, and he's soooo kawaii! But not as kawaii as some of the bishies here... aaaaaah, daisuke... *_* chaaaaa!

I luv writing in my journal and I do it all the time! If you go to Suewarts too feel free to add meee and I'll add you back! XD


Mun talking now. This is an RP character's journal, thank HEAVENS.

Mirakuru is everything I hate about Hunter x Hunter fandom. Mitts off my favorite series, all you frigging Mary Sues.

This is my vengeance.

Oh yeah, and I'm Sosiqui, and I'll be animating this horrible genki puppet for your horror pleasure.

Full Name: Mirakuru of the Kurata Tribe

Age/Year: 12 years old, first year.

Fandom: Hunter x Hunter

Species: Human

Hair Colour: Soft, deep aqua/teal, colored like the depths of a tropical sea. Her hair is cut to the length of her neck, close in, except for a single long braid that is waist-length. She has tied three steel-grey feathers into her braid, near the end.

Eye Colour: Subtle purple, shimmering like a sky filled with stars. When angry or when she sees a spider, they turn vivid blood-red.

Unusual Markings/Colourations: The red eyes (at certain times); a delicate tracery of barely visible scar-lines on her arms and lower body.

Build: Lithe and athletic. Has not yet bloomed into womanhood, but there is Great Potential for her when she does.

Special Possessions: A bracelet on her left wrist, formed of three loops of delicate chain, with small shiny (but dull) blade-like charms having from it. She also has a cell phone with a special interface installed so she can update her journal remotely. In her room, she keeps a rather large collection of UFO-catcher-style plushies, mostly of anime bishies. Her favorite plushie is of Killua.

Animal Friend: Chisa, a young kitsuneguma pup. He likes people... but he doesn't like Mirakuru, due to her penchant for squeezing him way too hard and putting foofy things on him. However, she's cheerfully oblivious to his dislike.

History/Origin: One of the Kuruta tribe who managed to escape the slaughter of the Genei Ryodan. She escaped by hiding in thick thorn bushes near the Kuruta holdings, and also by the convenient manifestation (triggered by stress) of her Nen powers. Hiding her aura by using the Zetsu skill perfectly, and by creating illusion with her Hatsu, she managed to escape with only scars from the thorns. Despite the trauma of her whole family being slaughtered, she is determined to look on the bright side and work for the best. She wants to become a Hunter in order to search for any other survivors from her family.

Connection To Canon: Kurapica's sister. She knows s/he is alive, but is choosing to keep her own identity a secret for a Dramatic Entrance later on. Will, once she graduates Suewarts and enters the Hunter world officially, meet Killua and glom onto him incessantly. She wants to mend his angsty!self, despite the fact that canonically Killua's current friends do quite a nice job of that, and that Killua isn't all that angsty anyway.

Special Abilities: Posesses powerful Specialization Nen. Like Kurapica, she can use all Nen abilities (from all five other types) to 100%, but without nastly little limitations like, say, death. Her manifestations tend to take the form of metallic blades (in the same way that Kurapica's abilities manifest themselves through the form of chains). Her favorite trick is to use Materialization to form blade-like wings, which she can use to fly. Her aura is purple with sparkles.

Other Traits: Extremely spunky and bouncy, and tends to use random Japanese quite often (and usually badly). She's always cheerful, but when she's really excited she becomes insanely hyper and very loud. She wants to use her triumph over her own angsty past as a stepping stone to bring others, preferably sparkly bishounen, out of their own hard shells of angst. Oh yeah, and find her family too, and become a Hunter once she's done with Suewarts.

She also goes into an incoherent screaming fit when she sees a spider, and her eyes turn red. Episodes like this are usually followed by an hour of uncharacteristic angst, after which she snaps out of it and rebounds into uber-genki before calming down to 'normal' levels of enthusiasm.

Likes: Chisa, cute animals, plushies, cute things in general, lollipops, sweets, sparkly things, bishounen, random Japanese things, saying "chaaa!" a lot, being spunky and bouncy to the extent that those around her get sugar shock simply by being in her presence.

Dislikes: Spiders, blood, yucky bugs, slimey things, depressing people, being angsty, broccoli, coffee, heights.

Hobbies: Climbing trees, experimenting with her Nen, playing with Chisa, training Chisa, flying, rehabilitating angsty bishounen, reading copious amounts of manga, cuddling her plushies, daydreaming about being a Hunter.

Gah. What have I unleashed on this world?

... nothing that hasn't already been unleashed somewhere in the HxH fandom. Fear for our future.
Interests:46: anime, being a mary sue, being cute, being genki, being spunky, bishies, bishounen, blade-wings, chaaaaa!, chisa, collecting bishies, collecting plushies, crystals, flammasari, flammasari house, flying, glomping, hunter x hunter, hunters, japan, japanese, kawaii, killua, kitsunegumas, kurapica, lollipops, manga, mary sues, nen, not my mun, pink bows, plushies, rehabilitating angsty bishounen, role-playing, shiny things, sparkles, specialization nen, suewarts, sugar, sweets, teal hair, the kuruta tribe, ufo catcher plushies, wai!, wings, writing in my journal
Friends:27: adrian_elsbeth, amalinevra, anarin, angstygracie, bara_kami, brecheiniog, darfatezip, evilpiratequeen, foreverdorian, gmonkey, jessbanks, kireimiko, lady_lutetium, mistress_poe, mustela_frenata, professor_priss, saad, sakura_hino, selenastargazer, sensui_yuri, skandrae, spider_sue, stefanswanne, super_claire, tristan_thor, wizardprincess, zurvan_palazzo
Friend of:19: adrian_elsbeth, anarin, bara_kami, brecheiniog, darfatezip, evilpiratequeen, foreverdorian, jessbanks, kailyn_gadaire, lady_lutetium, mistress_poe, mustela_frenata, professor_priss, sensui_yuri, skandrae, spider_sue, stefanswanne, tristan_thor, zurvan_palazzo
Member of:2: msas, msas_muns
Account type:Early Adopter

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