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Below is information about the "Minority Designs" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:minoritydesigns (39647)
Name:Minority Designs
About:<td colspan="2">

welcome to minority designs.

this community was created by melissax after she saw many alike layouts all over blurty. here, the setup and program is easy. you come here and request, we IM or email you to talk about your layout and icon ideas, you give us your password, we do the job. the end. there are, however, a few rules.

1. do not get angry if we don't answer you in a few days. we'll get to you, don't worry.
2. please don't ask us to do the most complicated layouts in the world. we can do many things, but not all.
3. you can request as much as you want.
4. when your custom layout maker makes your layout, they will put a link to their journal and to minority designs in your profile. DO NOT DELETE THIS LINK. if you do, we will delete the background from our servers and take action.
5. you MUST post your AIM name and/or email. we'd rather you have AIM. we will attempt 10 times to contact you. if you aren't on or don't answer our emails, we will delete your post.
6. ONLY staff members do layouts. wanna do some? join the staff.

join our staff
please join our staff. we will teach you everything, so don't think you suck and we'll hate you. below is a lineup of our current staff.

staff list
melissax, __dirtbag, basketcase, adriyyah.

layouts we've done
click here for a full list of layouts we've done.

Interests:20: blurty, blurty icons, blurty layouts, colors, custom icons, custom layouts, free icons, free layouts, friends, icons, individuality, journal icons, journal layouts, journals, layouts, making people layouts, music, our journals, pictures, unique
Members:145: 77_past_eleven, adriyyah, angelsax, ang_princessa, authorityx, aviendha22080, babibird, baby_, bamabaybe08, bashful328, blondie13, boopy, bootycall, brokenxasxixam, brokenxpromisex, brookerz, candykizzez, clowns_suck, coco4001, danzig, darkmagiciangrl, dhalii, emm_, engel, evanescencegrl2, eyekandy, fallendreams217, favoritemistake, fertility, fe_ti_sha, fiddycent, fl0rk, fox_dreams, frankie4fingers, freedommustard, fuzzixfiend, genevievexg, ghettobooty0517, go_away, gurliiee, headache75, ibkix, ignored_child, imesmerize510i, invincible, in_my_eyes, jackles, jadedsilence, jeyrah, kayys_blurtiesz, kheekai, kykyzdiary, ladymalfoy, lalindsey, lili_ann, lilxmeesh, litter, lolliepop, lonley_lil_kid, lose_your_self, lostonceagain, lucifernomiko, luffz, melissax, melodic, monkeybones, msjettsetter, music_chick018, nawtibabi_x0x, nayxx, nickaysfan4life, nothing_stays, numbinside, omariz_qurl, ooshinebriteoo, open_veins, oxsweetzxo, pantslesskim, parisa, peaches__x, penguinsexx, perfectdrug, piinkslipperz, pirate_aholic, pixiedust88, pontiacflygirl, punkr0kskittl3, r0ckstarbabee, r0ra_r0ra, rabbitrun, redroseraven, rejected_dork, rena_is_me, ripcurlgrl27, roxyswim182, saundersj, silver_dreams, skatteredtears, starfalls, staringup, starlitprincess, stephie_edbn, summer_tears, suqar_rush, t0nyb0nkedme, temptati0n2, thesakeofscars, thetypicalwhore, the_evil_poker, thrubeingcool, twanger, twix, t_a_t_u, un4givenreasons, venusuniverse, wondering_, worshipme, wwehurricanefan, x360, xanytyme04, xcutie5x, xebeche, xheartattack, xlxemorockchic, xmel_xx, xosweetxescapeo, xpowpowpowx, xpunktraitsx, xsavexmex, xtrippinx, xxlilspagsxx, xxunable2lovexx, xxxchrissyxxx, x_cutie_babii_x, zetetic, _d0rkalicious, _dirty, _flop, _gl0ss_, _understatement, _youloveit, __dirtbag, __filth, __kacyy, _______________
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