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Below is user information for MiKA. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:mikababii (102721)
Location:Tucson, Arizona, United States
Bio:Hey, I'm Mika Boorem but some people call meh mocha or mikachu. I was the rebel little sister in blue crush ;[. I enjoy weedalcoholstealingsex fuzzy things :]. Jesse McCartney is hot and no you can't have him, he's my boyfriend who I love a lot a lot. ;]<3 MK and Mika got da magic stick. :-* I am a virgin, unlike Marie. And I have a twin named Anna. :D
Interests:146: 69, a-pac, aaron carter, acting, amanda bynes, anna sundstrand, bathrooms, beach, being cool, being ghetto, being sexy, being wannabe jade, bendy straws, bikinis, biting, blankies, bouncy balls, boys, bubble wrap, building blocks, bunnies, cartwheels, chizzilin, chocolate, chrizibit, clogging toliets, clouds, clubbin, condoms, cupcakes, dancing on tables, dimes, dirty dancing, eep, eskimos, evil, fat ro, flavored condoms, flushing toliets, fo shizzle my nizzle, foam, food, frankie galasso, fuzzy things, grabbing tongues, hating mary-kate, he's wearing nut huggers!, hearts, hoe, holla, hot chocolate, hot tubs, hugs, human sundaes, icons, igloos, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, jack and the beanstalk, jade, jalepeno, jesse mccartney, jesse's comfy bed, jessenile, juice boxes, kissing, lauren collins, lea mccartney, libby hodges, licking, life being homosexual, lollipops, magic stick, making out, mall, mall santas, mary-kate, massages, matt ballinger, mikelly, milkshakes, mini skirts, ms ann-a-lot, my daughter kirah, my wife nala, nibbling, oreo, pajamas, penguins, penis., people who don't die, piercings, pillow fights, pillow forts, pineapple, pink, plungers, poking, pools, popcorn, popcorn maker, popsicles, pretty stuff, raic, rosie munter, rulers, rupert grint, sandlot, scrollbars, sexy people, shoes, shooting stars, silly string, skipping, sledding, slip and slides, smoothies, spice girls, sqweegees, stickers, stuffed animals, sucking, sugar beats, sunglasses, super soakers, swings, tents, thongs, throwing pillows, timmy mccartney, tom felton, toungue rings, trampolines, twin vibes, twinkies, vanilla flavored condoms, wannabe mika, wannabe play, water balloons, weee, werd, whip cream, white tigers, wika, wine coolers, yodels, your mom ;)
Friends:82: ac_sugar, ajtrauth, alaina_beaton, alexz, aramonalavigne, avrriil_lavigne, barely_legal, bell_drake, brandon_h, brianna_fuentes, brittanyh, brittneyf, bug__, carly_l, cass_steele, christinaromano, christomapher, clay, cookiexmonster, c__brummet, dave_bally, dirrty_dan, dougsmith, emily__vancamp, emmawatson__, evan_rachel_w, felton_t, fetta, frankie_g, funkay_faye, greg0ry_s, hillyduff, jake_epstein, jessicafried, jhene_chilumbo, kaci_tha_pimp, lea_mccartney_, lesley_moore_, leslie_xxx, lickable_larry, lick_shia, lindsay__pagano, lindz_lohanx, lumholdt, mandybynes, mathers_nate, mikababii, missthanggxx, miss_margo, natasha_kitten, nycchick, play_anna, rosiemunter_, rpg_adopt, rpg_ads, ryusaki, s3xydaveballz7, stacie___orrico, tara_lipinski, tasharay__evin, tim_, tylerhynes, wachs_caitlin, xevanx, xgrint, xlindsaypaganox, xmizz_kacix, x_angel_c_x, _anais_, _angel_faith, _ashleyolsen, _chris_, _claudiaswan_, _duff_, _emwee, _greg_raposo_, _jessemccartney, _kaley, _kaley_cuoco, _katie_cassidy_, _marykate_, __lauren_c__
Friend of:131: aaron_b, ac_sugar, adamgarcia, affleckish, alexz, amit__paul, anthony_thebull, ashley_olsen_, augustus_prew, a_brilliaut, b2k_jboog, ballz_kid, bluebabii, brandon_h, brittanyh, brittneyf, carpenter_chari, cassie_steele, chrisfedun, christensen__, christinaromano, chris_carrabba, clay, c__brummet, dark_rose, daveboreanaz, dirty_robson, distiller_brody, donna_drummer, dubya_bush, edyta, emily__vancamp, em__vancamp, erin_tanner_ns, ernielurvesbert, e__watson, felton_t, frankster, frank_alank, funkay_faye, gcxbilly, gl0ssii, hanson_z, hay_duff, hillyduff, ians_glory, ikehanson, james_m, jenna_jameson, jennifer_garner, jennlovehewitt, jessicafried, joyfuljenna, justin_b, justin_tosco_, j_fried, j_mayer, kaci_tha_pimp, kaci__, kiki_storms, kimberly__c, kitty01, ki_ki, knoxville, lauren_frost, lea_m, lea_mccartney_, lesley_moore_, libby_h0dges, lilbowwow, lindzlohan, lindz_babii, lindz_lohanx, little_lachey, lonneke_engel, love2day, lp_chester, lucy__woodward, madonna_, mandybynes, marie_s, mattdamon, matt_carroll, michealseater, michelle_kwan, mikababii, mikev, missthanggxx, miss_duff, miss_margo, mostlymarit, mtv_gideon, notreallyjoey, oliver_james, play_anna, quinnxxxallman, rob_thomas, ryusaki, scottxxfoley, shawn_ashmore, shia_labeouf, shinoda_mike, stacie___orrico, steve_looker, stratusfaction, sweet, s_evans, thriller_mj, tylerhynes, urhahn, v_diesel, weinstock, wl_kian_, xgrint, xjoxjox143, x_angel_c_x, _anais_, _angel_faith, _anna__faris, _ashleyolsen, _chris_, _craziichances, _greg_raposo_, _jessemccartney, _kaley, _kaley_cuoco, _katieholmes_, _katie_cassidy_, _marykate_, _simon, __lauren_c__
Member of:3: barely_icons, barely_legal, rpg_ads
Account type:Early Adopter

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