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Below is user information for la mamicita, mija. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:mija (15018)
Name:la mamicita, mija
Location:Niles/Warren, Ohio, United States
AOL IM:aiiipapi (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:iviija (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:Does she do it like me?
Does she work that body?
Throw that ass like pu-pump-pump-pu-pump that hottie
Do she handle it like she got a deep throat?
I mean suck that cock 'til she start to choke
Does she like to have sex high off the X?
Try it with me and tell me who's the best
Does she like to wear thongs that you can eat?
Do she fuck your brains out 'til you fall asleep?

Bet you she don't fuck you
Like you know I fuck you
And I bet you she will never do, oh
All the things I'll do for you

Is she drop-dead fine?
Does she like it from behind?
Is she fly?
Do she got a style like mine?
Does she slurp it, rub it, jerk it, ride it?
Tell you how you feel when you inside it
You love me, and I know she know
Cuz everytime I come around, she be like "let's go"
Girls know not to leave they man around me
I get my hands on 'em
He puttin' rent and a Benz on me

Bet you she don't fuck you
Like you know I fuck you
And I bet you she will never do, oh
All the things I'll do for you

I'm the queen of Rap, there is none higher
Did she tell you that?
The bitch is a liar
People spend doe to see me spit fire
And niggas give they life to be with me for one night
I let you come in me, while you stick it in the booty
Lick the nut off, then stick it back in the coot, see
I bet you she don't even know how to kiss
And I bet you ain't never been fucked like this

Bet you she don't fuck you
Like you know I fuck you
And I bet you she will never do, oh
All the things I'll do for you

Bet you she don't fuck you
Like you know I fuck you
And I bet you she will never do, oh
All the things I'll do for you

And I bet ya, and I bet ya baby
And I bet ya she don't fuck you
And I bet ya, bet ya, bet ya baby
And I bet ya she don't fuck you
No, baby

Bet you she don't fuck you
Like you know I fuck you
And I bet you she will never do, oh
All the things I'll do for you

UnDeR cOnStRuCtIoN

» tha girl that took your man ;
dusty 'deidjra' summers ; english originated name -- means 'a fighter' machican 'wolf' native american hispanic and italian descent mostly but a mutt. slightly psycho ; prone to irrational and violent behaviour. em0tional. slutty. cock hopper, clingy, dependent. believes in paranormal ; lives in haunted house. could walk in room of shit and come out smelling like roses. (inside). heaDChanges official slut. a lonely heart that can't be tamed. sixteen. lots of nicknames ( dij, dee, deezi devil, angyl, kitten, babygirl, mija, PRINCESS, devil doll, ect ) lives in niles, ohio, near youngstown and cleveland, from wesside of warren ohio, runs w/ all cliques. <3's her thugs. (EBF, XXIVL 4L ) speaks spanish. has a pet moniter lizard (snider) whoz a pot head. professional spammer, drop out. birthday is april 8th 1986, brown hair. eyes change colors with mood. dislikes family most of time. ex best friends with mother. hates her now. loves music. 'ninja' lol. bisexual mami.

» holla atcha girl ;
330 652 0758

» please ya mija ;
foodz - chicken, mcdonalds, pasta, ramen noodlez, mashd potatoes w/ alfredo noodles
drinkz - pepsi, water
color - R E D
candy - reeses cupz, mints
stores - deb, hot topic, rave, djz, ecko
music - all kindz. sureno.
movie - lotz!
cartoon - spongebob, invader zim
sports - hockey ( nj devilz ) football ( p steelers)
number - 13
person - myself

»wanna make me unhappy?
heart breakz, stuck up ppl, bad smells, work, most white ppl, my mother, egos, jerks, assholes, men

» mah fallen niggaz ;
kilo, karen, rodney

» wanna further dis convo?
email ;
aim ; aiiipapi
yahoo ; iviija
eyeball ; adorably

»personality and character tarot cards ; the hermit ' a time for soul searching and meditation, a need for patience and solitude. ' General Description --The Hermit is the card of seclusion and turning within. It characterizes an introverted phase in life, during which we shield ourselves from outside influences. We find repose and, above all, are separate from bustling activity and crowds of people. The Hermit therefore stands for an important experience within, through which we can perceive who we are, what we want, and how we can get there. It unites two valuable extremes: the depth of experience and the heights of perception. This card is often wrongly feared by many people. It is only when its qualities are misunderstood that fears of loneliness and abandonment arise. The person who follows the call of the Hermit willingly will find enrichment through clarity, strength, and the joyful experience of being able to be alone with herself.

»chinese symbol + meaning ; the tiger -- characteristics (fervor ) ( bravery ) ( magnetism ) ( good luck ) ( benevolence ) (authority ) -- vices ( impetuosity ) ( hotheadedness ) ( disobediance ) ( swagger ) ( intempreance ) ( itinerancy ) the tiger is hasty and passionate. imperfect judgjement and hates rules. need change and movement. hates stillness and confinement. identifiable by velvet footed tread. moves in liquid fashion. wouldn't be impressed if saint laurent were holding a press conference in his bathroom. innovator in own mind, but actually avant-garde than current. would rush headlong into nests of hungry piranhas that even killer sharks would give wide birth. attracted to zany and ourtragious friends and mates, frequently finding self hitched to a loony. tawny beast ' come along nutcase i'll take care of you just amuse me. ' when tiger finds herself being helf by the throat against the wall of her lair, threatened mentally and physically she simply gives a push and leaps to safety - always landing on her feet. things that would drive anyone else to the brink of suicide leave the tifer unshaken and smiling. well developed self preservation instinct. not interestede in money but loves luxury. honest. cannot tolerate authority. will fight to death defending opinions. natural authority. movile. serious and sound thinking.

» v0te 4 me

» cliqkaz

» other
Oral Sex Donations Accepted

mija (claim_a_name)
the devils soul (claimasoul)

» bai!!!!
holla. read. comment. show some love

Friends:38: addicted__, angelically, bellababiix0, caseylynn, chobittu, dannyboy, deadpoet, devilishly, devil_ether, disillusion, fairydream, firecracker, frenzy, hellian, idealistichoney, immortalbreath, jennevek, jillies, mamacita, missed, misz_thanq, morbidly, motif, orqasmic, paradoxymoron, piink_th0ngz, pricanpryde, qlamxsuicide, shedevil, skoocha, suicidekitten, sweet_honey1, tragicgirl, urbanprincess, vamprissvampire, writous, yesterday, _kissmedirty6
Friend of:19: caseylynn, chobittu, dannyboy, deadpoet, devil_ether, frenzy, hellian, immortalbreath, jillies, luffzie, mamacita, morbidly, paradoxymoron, piink_th0ngz, shedevil, skoocha, urbanprincess, writous, yesterday
Member of:30: anti_rpgs, b2kluv, become_hopeless, bella_anorexia, blurtyawards, borderline, camwhores, claim_a_soul, columbus, cunt_conscious, cutmeintopieces, divineawards, drugfreaks, emaciatedsinner, feel_the_bones, fuckyou, i_smell, jackassness, lyrics, neopia, newfriends, new_friends, proana, progress_ana, pro_anamia, relationship101, styles, surveysluts, thinspiration, thugmamiiz
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