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Below is user information for E DAWGG. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:miixed (105202)

` + , { ish you should kno on ME. ]
my name is emily, but most people call me e, ems, e dawg, or em, because i hate my name. ever since i can remember, i've always hated my name. i was born on october 13th, in dorchester, massachusetts ; holler! i have 1 older brother, daniel, who`s 24 ... he's brazilian. if you're wondering how that is, figure it out. it ain`t that hard. i live with my mom, brother, grandma. my dad died when i was two, so my mother had to raise 2 kids on her own. i think she did good, seein` as we`re pulling through. and although he died when i was madd young, i still remember him and miss him everyday. my grandma moved in with us when my grandpa died, about 7 years ago. yeah, we built an apartment for her here because we got it like that. don't get me wrong, i'm anything but stuck up. i am and can be however, the biggest bitch in tha world. but if you cool with me, i'm cool with you. you act right, you get treated right. but if you act up with me? homie don't play that

` + , { background INFO on me ]
people seem to always think i'm spanish. well, i'm NOT. i'm mulatto > black & irish [with a tiny bit of native american]. my birth mom was irish, and my dad was black. yes, i was adopted. no, that doesn't mean i'm in a foster home. i was adopted to the family that i'm in now when i was 2 months old, so this is my one and only family. i love no other, and i love my family just as much as y`all people who live with your biological parents love yours. it's no different at all, so don't ask me if it is.

` + , { holler at me dawg ]
as i said before, i'm mulatto. i'm light skinned, but not pale, you kno. i'm 5'8, and weigh 13O lbs. i have light brown eyes & reddish/brown hair, which i only like sometimes. i think it`s pretty easy to see the black and the irish in me. the black, because of my nose, hips, hair, and i`ve been told teeth ??, and the irish because of my skin color, hair color, and freckles. my style varies, but if i was to be categorized, i'd definetely be placed under urban / hip hop styles. i'm always myself, and i don't try to please anybody. if you don't like me, you don't. i can't change that.

` + , { my love life ]
i do have a boyfriend, who i've been with since 4/11. things are beautiful with us. he's 19, black, and fine as hell, with a job and a car. thats my baby right there. its about damn time i got someone good. hollerrr!

` + , { wanna reach me? hit me up. ]

` + , {Gifts

Julie was here!!

Memories:1 entry
Interests:17: alicia keys, basketball, boston celtics, braiding, charli baltimore, cornrows, guys, hooked up cars, lil kim, lookin' fly, mulattos, music, nas, reading, sex, spongebob, tupac
Friends:15: blinkoid, deprive, imperial, latto, mafiosa, miixed, omariz_qurl, realistiic, sekzii_ma281, spicyy, sweet_honey1, thuqs_diamond, toasty, _preciosa, __citygirl
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