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Below is user information for convinced she's happy :). If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:miel (56862)
Name:convinced she's happy :)
Website:my own tiny pocket on the web
Location:New York, United States
Memories:2 entries
Interests:104: 03, acting silly, alaska, analyzing, antipolo, assumption antipolo, autumn, baby back ribs, bags, barbecue pizza, baskin robbins, beanies, beauty and the beast, black, blankets, blueberry cheesecake, boo, books, bracelets, bubble baths, bubblegum club, candles, chocolate, clothes, coffee, color orange, color yellow, colored contact lenses, computers, cuddling, dancing, daria, daydreaming, digital cameras, doodles, doodling, dragonflies, dramatic movies, dreaming, dressing up, e-mail, earrings, espresso, fate and destiny, friends, friends tv show, funky contact lenses, funky socks, fuzzy socks, gap body, hats, holding hands, hugs, ice cream, journalism, journals, ladybugs, love, magazines, making icons, mangoes, math, memories, michelle branch, mike and sulley, monsters inc, my boo, necklaces, notebooks, old home videos, oreos and milk, pillows, poetry, rainbow sherbet, rainbows, reading, red skittles, reminiscing, roller coasters, romantic movies, salad, sappy music, shoes, shopping, skirts, sleeping, smallville, smoky eyes, socks, sour gummi worms, stargazing, striped socks, taking photos, talking, tazmanian devil, television, the philippines, traveling, using the telephone, warm weather, watching movies, white chocolate mochas, writing, you've got mail
Friends:73: 24fps, aa_peeps, acidcandy, anatithenai, angelamaria, angstridden, blitzfreak, bluishblue, caffeinefix, candleburn, chekwaa, chimerasky, dirtyground, duhkneez, effronterie, emptyspaces, fallingfast, foranangel, francesbean, frostgunk, funkfaith, funkypinksoul, girlontheside, girltuesday, hee, hottahbabe, howiwonder, island_native, ispirit, joankatherine, kara, lauryn, lil_miao, lingeringscent, littlemissy, lucidsky, maiboo, maverickmind, mela, miel, mistyeyed, mobee16, mondaygirl, moondrifter, moonfl0wer, mudcandy, mushmellow, nebulae, nightmoon, nitrogenoxide, nixxienix, opalinx, opiumsoul, orangecounty, owangecreampuff, pinkdamsel, realitybites, refineme, sabogita, shoestrings, sillyboos, sleepingawake, starfilled, summer_romance, surefire, sweetsharpsoft, sweetsunshower, tempusfrangit, tesseract, theyamcam, thinkboxx, tornapart, wedgie112
Account type:Early Adopter

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