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Below is information about the "Rockin' it in the Mitten" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:michigan_indie (539411)
Name:Rockin' it in the Mitten
Location:Point to your hand and show us!, Michigan, United States
About:What we have here is a grand specimen of a community for those of you who enjoy indie music. Most of the stuff here is FROM Michigan, but we all know that there's a lot of good stuff from elsewheres, too, so we try not to limit ourselves.

Posted in MichiganIndie will be show information, band reviews/info, "shamelessly promote your band" posts, "I'm looking for a bassist, damnit" posts and other rediculously indie things that losers say to each other. Remember, kids: It's all about the music.

If you have a band/album/concert/musician/toothpaste that you think is AMAZING and you'd like the whole world (read: me) to know about it, leave one and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Interests:98: 238, 2mex, 90 day men, a tribe called quest, aesop rock, affinity, alias, american football, ant, anticon, appleseed cast, ashen, atmosphere, audio poet, bedhead, black eyed peas, blackalicious, braid, brandtson, bright eyes, built to spill, chase theory, cool hand luke, copeland, curbside journal, cursive, damien jurado, de la soul, dead prez, death cab for cutie, dieradiodie, elliot smith, eyedea, further seems forever, ganstarr, glasseater, grade, hip hop, hum, ida, idaho, idle hands, indian summer, indie rock, ivory coast, jacks broken heart, jazz june, jealous sound, jejune, jen wood, jets to brazil, jimmy eat world, josh martinez, julie doiron, kind of like spitting, knapsack, mates of state, milemarker, mineral, mos def, mr. lif, nas, neutral milk hotel, nick drake, noise ratchet, okser, over the rhine, ozma, paris texas, pedro the lion, planes mistaken for stars, pohgoh, porterville, promise ring, rainer maria, red house painters, rilo kiley, rjd2, rocking horse winner, sage francis, sebadoh, secret stars, sigur r?s, sole, son ambulance, sunny day real estate, t.i.n.c, talib kweli, the beautiful mistake, the faint, the gloria record, the icarus line, the owls, the postal service, the roots, the weakerthans, unwed sailor, yo la tengo
Members:10: doodle724, emergencyponcho, governor, hurtingneverend, morethanadress, myspoonistoobig, songsforthedead, stratmunky, sweetjuggalette, whoaisme
Watched by:3: hurtingneverend, stratmunky, sweetjuggalette
Account type:Free User

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