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Below is user information for Zhao. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:mi_chan (477911)
Location:Mie, Japan
AOL IM:kawaiishinyah (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Zhao_Maorong (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:I am a bad, dirty, psychotic, little person.
Leave a message if you wanna be friends. XD

Yaoi should be a religion.
hide is god.
Yoshiki owns you.
Kaoru has mad guitar skillz.
Kyo rox muh sox.
Die and Shinya are an item.
Jrock isn't just music, it's a life style.
I'm an obsessive dork.
homophobic people are idiots.
Shounen Ai is fun.
Gackt can't dance for anything but still manages to look good shaking his hips anyway.
Hyde and Gackt are an item.
Masa also loves Gackt.
Spikey rocks.
Nearly 40 years old can be sexy [if it's Yoshiki]
Ryutaro has nice lips.
I'll be Miyavi's ambitious girl.
Sometimes I'd rather be a guy.
Fools Mate and Arena are my bibles.
ICP sucks major fucking ass and wish they were half as good enough to lick the bottom of Dir en Grey's shoes.
Toshiya might be a manslut, but he can fly.
Marilyn Manson is a vk poser.
X-Japan didn't 'copy' kiss, they were inspired.
POP is dead.
Being a freak is fun.
Oriental boys are sexxeh.
Unless they're mad.
Boy's can wear skirts too, infact, some of them look better in skirts then girls do.
There's no such thing as 'too much' eyeliner.
Mmm Jrock pie.
Kyo isn't really a scary person.
Gackt wrote 'Maria' for me. *-* [not really, but I like to think so.]
American's suck.
America sucks.
Don't ever call Ling, Xiao Bei, he wants to be called Ling, that's what he shall be called.
Lucy is a boy.
Ling and Zhen are a nice couple.
So are Hong and Lucy.
So is Zhen and Lucy.
Yue should go out with Miyavi.
That's all, ^_~
mata ne

To Ling: Thank you so much for writing back to me! Ling is the best ever!

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Shinya Fan

JFuck>> Die

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Interests:118: ai kago, aiji, akira, angst, arena, baseball, beast of blood, bisexual rockstars, bishounen, blood, camden riversharks, chacha, chai, china, chinese, chinese rock, die, dir en grey, due le quartz, duel jewel, earl grey, fairy fore, fanfiction, fools mate, gackt, gacktjob, glay, gothic lolita, gothic lolita bible, hayato, hide, hong, hong kong, hyde, inugami circus dan, inugami circus-dan, j, janne da arc, japan, japanese, japanese rock, jrock, kami, kaoru, kenshin, kyo, l'arc en ciel, la'cryma christi, larc en ciel, lemon, lemoned, lime, ling, lolita, lucy, luna sea, malice mizer, mana, masa, mini moni, miyabi, miyavi, moi dix mois, morning musume, mucc, naitomea, nightmare, nozomi tsuji, petit moni, pierrot, pink, pink spider, plastic tree, porno graffiti, pretty boys, pura turi, ren, role playing, ruka, ryutaro, ryutarou, sakito, sap, saver tiger, shinya, shounen ai, silver ash, silver dust, spread beaver, sugizo, tadashi, takashi, tetsu, tetsu69, tie jun guo, tooru niimura, toshiya, toshiya's smile, toshiya's teeth, vidoll, visual kei, vizell, writing, x-japan, xiao bei wong, xjapan, yaoi, yoshiki, you, yue, zhen, zilch, , 外国人, 天使, , , 黒夢
Friends:6: aknot, fangirl_mafia, jibun_kakumei, jrockfanmadness, neosephiroth, theresaj
Friend of:2: neosephiroth, theresaj
Member of:3: aknot, fangirl_mafia, jrockfanmadness
Account type:Free User

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