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User:mhossa (201174)
Name:Marian Hossa
Website:Molson's First Star selection
Location:Trencin, Slovak Republic
AOL IM:marian18hossa (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:My Name is Marian Hossa. I am the lead scorer of the National Hockey League (NHL)'s team Ottawa Senators. I was born in Stara Lubonva, Slovakia. I have a little brother, who is 22 years, named Marcel. I am 24 years old.He also in NHL, on Montreal Canadiens. Yes. we are both blondes. I am 6' 1", and a right wing on my team. I am also number eighteen. I was drafted in 1997. I was a finalist for Rookie of the Year in 1998-99 season. I have also been on 3 all-star teams, one rookie one.

My house is actually in Trenčín, Slovakia. I stay at my teammates houses in Ottawa. Call me lazy, cheap, whatever. I've been called worse. I can be very goofy at times, but I am very quiet by nature. I enjoy Go-Karting, and many other sports, and if it wasn't for hockey, I'd be playing soccer right now.

((No, I'm not really him. Thank you.))
Interests:46: alone, beer, being alone, biking, canada, chinese food, clothes, dessert, evenescence, family, fans, fruits, fun, funny, games, girls, go-karting, healthy food, hockey, independant, italian food, jokes, models, money, movies, music, nhl, punk, rap, rock, rollerblades, rollerblading, scotch, seafood, slovakia, soccer, sports, sweets, swimming, swollen members, talking, teams, telephones, television, winter, working out
Friends:34: airboy, ashash_olsen, ashley_ballard, a_bynes_, body_rockin_jt, c__brummet, danradboy, desena, devonmurray, emmah, hil_dufferz, jace_chasez, jamie__lynn, k_clarkson_, larson_brie, lindsay__lohan, little_lavigne, l_foiles, mandyxxxmoore, mhossa, miss_aquilera, mkay_olsen, nais_lameche, natteh, nina_ermin, reality_not, rn_maintainer, rocknroll_brit, ro__ro, ruppie, sean_biggerstaf, t0m_felt0n, _fayexo_, _lil_kim
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Account type:Early Adopter

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