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Below is user information for Starla Saxton. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:mexicanwrestler (67522)
Name:Starla Saxton
Location:Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

First of all, I should say that I am not Mexican. Nor am I a wrestler. I'm just a wrestling fan.

Most people know me online as Molly - the name comes from Molly Holly, otherwise known as Mighty Molly, although I guess she doesn't go by that name anymore...

Starla Saxton was one of Molly's earlier wrestling names.


Anyway, about me... well, it'd probably be easier to just look through my list of interests. =p But I'll give you the stats anyway...

Female, 22, bisexual, Canadian-born Chinese, engaged, lacto-ovo vegetarian, straightedge. Addicted to the internet and Neopets. Likes wrestling. A lot. In case you couldn't tell ;)
Memories:7 entries
Interests:69: alternative medicine, anime, anthony kiedis, asian writers, baking, beauty, bisexual, bluegrass, bme, body modification, booker t, béla fleck, canadian writers, canadian-born chinese, cbc, cg, chekhov, chinese food, cosmetics, degus, drawing, evelyn lau, fanfiction, fashion, foreign literature, funk, gogol, hamsters, hamtaro, iam, internet, internet addiction, jazz, kau, local writers, loop, mice, mighty molly, miss madness, molly holly, neopets, pets, piercings, pikachu, pokemon, poliwhirl, rasen, ring virus, ringu, russian literature, sailor jupiter, sailormoon, starla saxton, straightedge, sweets, sxe, szechuan, tajiri, tattoos, tea, the ring, vegetarianism, victor wooten, women, wrestling, writing, wwe, wwf, xxx
Friends:12: char, crashtimesthree, ele_mental, hanson, maymay, mightypineapple, phoenixsenshi, spoonymuses, starswept, sweetsrainbow, univers_, whitestripegirl
Friend of:7: char, crashtimesthree, maymay, mightypineapple, phoenixsenshi, univers_, whitestripegirl
Member of:1: ele_mental
Account type:Early Adopter

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