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User:mest_anthony (230929)
Name:Tony Lovato
Website:fake as your mom
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
AOL IM:bang me im tony (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:My name is Anthony Tony Lovato. I'm in this band called Mest. I also modeled for Hot Topic, but don't tell anyone.

My band is okay. We're nothing too special. You know, it's got the typcial average back-up dancer/2nd guitarist. Well, okay maybe that isn't average. I play guitar and sing. My cousin does the bass work and fucks the back-up dancers. Our drummer? He's drunk. End of story.

You still want to know more? Well, all right. I've gotten most of my song ideas from this amazing beautiful girl, but she dumped me because she couldn't handle the distance. I never thought I'd really love anyone or anything again. it really sucked for a while...till I found out what love really is. It wasn't a disappointment to not end up with Britney Spears....Who would want to go there anyway? Not me.

If I'm not touring you can find me hanging around with the boys of Good Charlotte. Joel's usually doing other things, so I don't talk to him too much. Paul? He's the man. We've been on vacations together with old friends. Billy's....yeah. Then, you all know the deal with Benji and I.... hes amazing, and hes talented, and hes my best friend.
Interests:138: 35: bad religion, afi, alcohol, alkaline trio, all things rock, allister, alternative echo, anti-flag, autopilot off, bad religion, basketball, beer, benji madden, big wig, bigwig, billy martin, blink-182, boxcar racer, brand new, catch 22, cereal, chelsea, circle jerks, destination unknown, drinking, dynamite boy, famiglia, fans, fat mike, fatguy, fenix tx, fighting with the movielife, foo fighters, fuck off clothing, fucking, garbage cans, girls, glassjaw, going on tour, goldfinger, good charlotte, green day, guitar, guttermouth, h2o, halo friendlies, homegrown, hot topic, hugging, ice hockey, jeremiah, jeremiah rangel, jerking off, joel madden, john, john feldmann, lars and the bastards, lefty, less than jake, level 27, level 27 clothing, liberty spikes, lit, madcap, made clothing, masturbating, matt, matt lovato, mest, mestcrapp,, midtown, mike, millaukee's best beer, milwaukee's best, minor threat, mxpx, new found glory, nick gigler, no doubt, nofx, not being a pussy, operation ivy, parties, piercings, playing shows, playstation 2, pot, pretending, punchy, punk rock, rancid, reel big fish, reggae, riddlin kids, riddlin' kids, romance, sex, showoff, simple plan, sitting on the rooftop, sloppy meateaters, social distortion, spider man, star wars, steve, sublime, sugarcult, sum 41, taking back sunday, tattoos, the ataris, the benjamins, the casualties, the clash, the damned, the distillers, the eyeliners, the movielife, the ramones, the sex pistols, the simpsons, the urge, the used, throwing microphone stands, tour buses, touring, transplants, tsunami bomb, under the weather, unwritten law, video games, warped tour, wasting time, working out, yellowcard, young mc, your mom
Friends:10: abdulized, ashleyangel, benjixmadden, clairexblake, ginger_reyes, hottie_emichael, mistamiller, popfantastic, spearsarific, thatrevortrain
Friend of:24: alex__mclean, avril_lavignex, bad_beckham, benj_m_, britt_b_murphy, closer_to_fine, haroldlittrell, hottie_emichael, jmadden_, just_like_brian, j_ess_simpson, kelly_c, kissable_kevin, leighrwallace, level27man, lil_lexi_b, matt_lovato_, mistamiller, rachel_sclub, sam_mumba, sexified_jc, spearsarific, xxjxxtxx, _orlando_bloom
Member of:2: pf_icons, rpg_ads
Account type:Free User

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