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User:mesmeriize (8195)
Location:V-town, New Jersey, United States
Hey, whats up?! My name is Amanda but almost everyone calls me Manda or Mandi..but people who know the real me call me Brat =x lol jus playin Im 14 ((15 on April 27th, baby yea!!!)) I am 5'5, light brown hair w. blode highlights, brown and gold eyes..but I wear blue contacts sometimes, and im tan and athletic! I love softball and feild hockey, andddddd I think thats about it!! Read on read on read on =)

Well I curently am single, but I do have my eye on a few people..esp Justin<3 He's a sweetie, he's so nice and he treats me like a princess =) We are just friends for now because we wanted to get to know eachother before we start going out, so we could decited if we really liked eachother, ya know? Why go out with someone you barely know, just to come to find out you hate their personaily and then you have to go through the whole break up so thats why we are just getting to know eachother first...but ive known him since 6th grade and I think hes winning my heart =)

--Food__ Italian
--Clothes__ UFO's
--Color__ Baby blue
--Song__ Sum 41 // Still Waiting
--Drink__ Peach Snapple
--Role Modle__ God
--Best Friend__ Ken


01. Flowers
02. Kisses
03. Hugs
04. Boyfriends
05. Going to the movies
06. Sticker Machines
07. Acting like a jackass
08. White teeth
10. Pretty smiles
11. Nice Arms
12. Great Personailty
13. Uniqueness
14. Guys who arn't afraid to be different
15. Skaters
16. Spikey hair
17. Individuailty
18. Sweet guys
20. Caring

01. Bad Breath
02. Preppy guys
03. Stero-type
04. Guys who only listen to rap
05. People who dont like me for me
06. People who judge me before they get to kno me
07. Stuck up guys
08. Guys who hate the kinda things I love
09. Guys who are WAY TO MUCH like me
10. People who thinlk they are better then you

I like any kind of Punk, Emo, Rock, or Heavy Metal....I can't STAND RAP. Ew. I like to go to Concerts and jam =p Here are a couple of bands I like... ; Sum 41<3 Good Charlotte<3 Saves the day, Taking back Sunday, noFX, Flogging Molly, Sugarcult, Thursday, Unsung Zeros, Rancid, No Doubt, Static X, Defult, Andrew WK, Deftones, Icubus<3 Avril Lavigne<3 Switchfoot and many, many more =x

WOOO----------------__The End__ ----------------WOOO
Sorry that wasn't laid out very well but ya know...thats how the cookie crumbles? Lol, anyways IM me somtime on Eiliepaunts or whuta dork if ya wanna talk! And leave comments, I <3 comments lol =p cya!!

Hasta la pasta
Interests:49: 10fg, avril lavigne, benji, best friends, big pants, billy, boyfriend, britney spears, christina aguilera, court, dashboard confessional, eyeliner, flogging molly, flowers, good charlotte, gwen steffani, hot topic, hugs, jessica, joel, justin timberlake, kelly osbourne, kisses, kristen, makeup, megan, megan g, melissa, mighty mighty bosstones, no doubt, nofx, pac sun, partys, paul, puppies, rancid, red lipstick, sam, saves the day, smiles, sparkles, sticker machines, sum41, taking back sunday, the osbournes, thursday, tight shirts, ufo's, unsung zeros
Friends:7: anqel_babii, car0line, d0rkalici0us, fauxbeautyx, one_love, playful, xto0sexyx
Friend of:2: bo0tiful_singer, holypunkness
Account type:Early Adopter

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