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Below is user information for M. e . r. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:mernpatforever (182896)  
Name: M. e . r
Location:Wall, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:l sunkistxo l (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Current layout : Mer and Patrick Forever

A lil About me
Hi I am Meredith. I also go by Mer, Mer Mer,Mert,Mer Flem, Spank,Mersean ,Weenie and a few more i am to embrassed to say! I am 13 years old-- on November 16th. I live in New Jersey by the beach with my mom, my dad, and little sister Michaela. I have brown hair with natural blonde highlights and green/blue eyes. I have a boyfriend named Patrick. We have been going out since December 3rd, 2001, which is a bout a year and a 1/2. The Oswald Gang-- i love you girls.

I can Be
Nice + bitchy + funny + weird + perverted + stranage + mean + glad + sad + sweet +ghetto + out going + timid + rude + loud + quiet + moody + friendly + honest + silly + smart + stupid + lazy + taken!

Patrick + Friends + Soccer + Oswald Gang + Ghetto People + Money + Lolipops + AIM + Blurty + Phone + Laughing +Movies + Mall + GC + NFG + love letters + HUGS + kisses + Layouts + icons + plam trees + pina colodas

Hoes + Sluts + being left out + being alone + not getting hugs + being sick +waking up early + fights + lairs + preps + goths +loosing someone + break ups + copiers +being rejected + crying + being yelled at + nosey asses + authority + tests + h.w + alone on a friday/saturday night + the tohught of loosing my friends + the tohught of loosing my Patty

From my gurls =P

Shout Outs
THanks to all of you who helped me w/ my journal! Layout--> Layout-w// updates--> Islanderr Icons--> Misc People ---> Islanderr,antidote,studmuffin,c0nfidence Info-- Islanderr

Stalk Me AiM iM-l sun kist xo l

alwaiiz_yours THanks so much for my current layout

Interests:28: aim, basketball, blink 182, blurty, box car racer, boys, december 3rd, feeling loved, friends, good charlotte, hanging out, hugs, icons, jewelary, kisses, layouts, mall, movies, music, new found glory, patrick, sandels, sleeping, soccer, starting line, surfing, the ataris, the beach
Friends:32: alayy, audras_icons, belleicons, blondexbitch, broken_promise_, gies_works, hello_kittie, ineffable, islanderr, just_a_girl25, kelly_nicolexox, lil_babez, love_crazed, luhv_eden, lyssan, michee, moodofyours, perfxcti0n_, punkrockaddict, purdieful, rightcoastpunk, roxanna_chetti, roxygurlx0x, s0_l0st, sexxylexxy, simple_qlam0ur, suga_kissez, urfavloser22, xberryblondex, xlilpreciousx, xmiszbehavinx, _teardr0ps
Account type:Early Adopter

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