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User:mermaidonacid (289563)
Name:Ellie Amos
She's Your C.o.c.a.i.n.e
Mermaid on a.c.i.d
Interests:118: 28 days, abstract art, accents, almost famous, american history x, benny and joon, black & white photos, blow, blues, bracelets, bruce lee, butterflies, candles, cappuccino, carole king, chinese food, coffee, dancing, daydreaming, dead poets society, depression, dragonflies, dreamcatchers, dreams, dresses, edward scissorhands, empire records, enter the dragon, faeries, feminism, fight club, fiona apple, fireworks, fishnets, flavored water, folky voices, forest, friends, gay/bi rights, girl interrupted, hackers, honesty, imaginary crimes, imagination, inner-strength, insomnia, intelligence, janis joplin, jeans, johnny depp, keyboards, learning, leather, led zeppelin, lightening, lip gloss, live music, livejournal, loyalty, mascara, memories, midnight, movies, music, nick of time, nightmares, nine inch nails, ocean, open-mindedness, oriental guys, perfection, philosophy, pianos, piercings, pj harvey, poetry, practical magic, pretty voices, r.e.m, radiohead, rain, rainbows, red hair dye, robert plant, robert smith, roses, running, sarcasm, scars, sense of humor, singing, singing lessons, snow, starfishes, sunsets, t-shirts, tattoos, the cello, the cranberries, the cure, the full moon, the nightmare before christmas, the stars, the sunrise, the virgin suicides, thinness, thought-provoking conversations, thrift stores, tori amos, violins, waterfalls, weight-loss, what dreams may come, what's eating gilbert grape, wine coolers, women's rights, writing, yoga
Friends:1: faeriequeen
Friend of:1: faeriequeen
Account type:Free User

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