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Below is information about the "Melrahel" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:melrahel (120055)  

  • General

    1. How do I contact you to join in?
      You may contact me via Yahoo! Messenger to find out what information you’ll need to provide to join in the play.

      Alternatively, you may contact me at, but please be aware that I do not check that account every day, so I may not get your email for several days. Remain patient and please do not email me more than once.

    2. Why aren't things precisely accurate?
      Caraeddry is a hobbyist. She isn’t so much interested in an accurate lifestyle of bondage and discipline as a fun place where she may choose to participate or not. There are no doubt many communities out there which present a much more accurate view of such lifestyles, so if that is what you’re looking for, please find one of them.

  • Communities

    1. What communities are involved in this RPG?

    2. That's a lot of communities! What are they all for?

      A community journal where you may post anything in character you wish to. This can be thoughts, points of interest, whatever you wish.
      This is a place where any of the melharel members may ask out of character questions, post ooc comments, or plan out some of their own personal plot. It was created as separate so as not to distract from the roleplaying.
      The very first community you join in. Before you are allowed into melharel proper, you must post two entries. The first will be an introduction of yourself, including your online name, a statement that you are over 18, and what drew you to melharel. The second entry will be an introduction to your character. Any background story you’ve created will go here, along with a full name and an age.

    3. Which communities will I be allowed to post in?
      In the beginning, once you’ve been approved, you will only be able to post in melharel_intro. After you’ve completed the two required posts there (see the description of the community) you will be allowed to post in the other communities.

    4. What types of posts can I make in those communities?
      Any in character posts may be made to melharel. Any out of character posts may be made to melharel_ooc. Only introductions will be permitted in melharel_intro.

    5. Who can read those communities?
      Anyone can read the communities.

  • Journals

    1. Why do I also need a private journal?
      First of all, you will be required to get a private journal from These journals will be used to detail your own private thoughts about what your appointed master or servant does in the span of a day/week.

    2. Will I be able to post whatever I want in my private journal?
      You must post only in character in your private journal. However, you are allowed to post anything you wish in character (including complaints.) No discipline may be brought against you for complaints in your private journal.

    3. Who can read my private journal?

  • Characters

    1. Which characters are still available?
      At the moment, I am looking for the characters below:

      • Mayor
      • Pub Owner
      • Hotel Owner
      • Five upper-class citizens
      • Many servants and lower class citizens

    2. Is there any chance that the others will become available?
      At the current time, we have no members, so there are no taken positions. And as this will ultimately operate as a town might, there are certainly options for duplication (a town has more than one pub, more than one hotel.)

    3. How do I become a master of servants?
      I will begin by seeking a limited number of masters. After that, only servants will be allowed at first. Your status will change in time, provided you serve well and wish to become a dominant. (Please note that you may not choose when your status changes. I will determine that along with your personal master.)

  • Other

    1. What is the background story?
      Consider it a modern-day world styled after the Adventures of Sleeping Beauty as told by Anne Rice. Although things are not precisely the same, the idea is. Each member of this town is, at one time or other in their life, put up for auction, and must spend up to six months serving whomever buys them. Auctions will occur in the main community each week that we have a new supplicant.

    2. Who can I befriend?
      Anyone you please.

    3. How often do I need to post?
      Once a week, barring Real Life concerns, is recommended.

    4. What will happen if I don't post that often?
      Those who do not post once a week, and do not contact the RPG owner to ensure that skipping a week is all right, will be taken off active duty. An email will be sent to them asking if they wish to continue playing the RPG. If they say no, or if they do not respond to the email within two weeks, their character will be taken care of.

    5. What is this lj-cut you keep talking about?
      An lj-cut is used by both Livejournal and Blurty as a means of clipping journal posts so that they remain intact, but you do not immediately see the entire thing. You may find the proper format for creating an lj-cut in Blurty's FAQ. lj-cuts are recommended for posts that include pictures. Here is the link for the FAQ about these tags, and some others that are special.

    6. Is there a directory of all the characters involved?
      Not at the moment.

  • What's not allowed

    1. What am I not allowed to post?
      You may not post "flames" (personal attacks against another character's owner) either in your personal journal or the communities at large. You may not post out of character comments or questions to the community at large. Any ooc questions you have may be posted as responses in melharel_ooc.

    2. What will happen if I post that anyway?
      If you post "flames" in your journal or the community journal, you will be banned from the game. Your character will be taken and given to a new player. If you post out of character comments to the community, they will be deleted and you will be warned against posting them to the community journals again. Please note that continuing to post out of character posts to the community journals (four or more out of character posts during the course of the RPG) with the exception of melharel_ooc
      will result in your character being taken from you and given to another player.

    3. What happens if I'm under 18 and you find out?
      If you are under 18 and the RPG owner discovers it, you will be banned from the game and your character will be given to another player.

    4. May I ask for personal information from another player?
      Soliciting personal information from any player is strictly prohibited. If I catch a person asking for RL info, that person will be banned from the game. Please note that I do understand that people can become RL friends through the internet. However, I suggest that if you wish to continue playing in the game, such conversations be taken to private mail.

Interests:10: bondage, domination, erotica, light masochism, light sadism, roleplay, roleplaying, rp, rpg, submission
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Account type:Early Adopter

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