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Below is user information for *~*NaDiNe AnGeL*~*. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:melovemike (385942)
Name:*~*NaDiNe AnGeL*~*
Location:in a city, California, United States
Bio:(well i had to get a new journal because i noticed that only my freinds could read my diary and i don't want anyone reading it and that's why i'm not giving this one to anyone)(hehehe) well let's see i like to hang out,chill,chat on the computer,watch TV! well i must say ME AND MIKE ARE TOGETHER! HE ASKED ME OUT SEPTEMBER 10TH im so happy well that is all i have to say ME AND MIKE ARE TOGETHER yay for us!
Interests:41: candy, care bears, carl's juniors, chatting, dr.pepper, driving, good charlotte, gossiping(not bad about people), hanging out, hugs, jellybeans, kissing, krispy-kreme donuts, mike, mike's little chihuahua jessica, mike's little nephew ethan..., movies, mtv, music, pernament markers, pictures, salads!, saved by the bell, shopping, skirts, sleeping in on saturdays, smoothies, soda, sour candies, spongebob, starburst(all flavors), swimming, taking picutres, talking on the phone, tanning, the new sprite remix, tv, water, watermelons, work, working out
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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