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Below is user information for Melanie. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:mellbell1210 (575895)
Location:Montgomery, Alabama, United States
AOL IM:mellyboo17 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Interests:137: 311, 80s music, a perfect circle, acting like a dork, aim, alabama shakespeare festival, almost famous, archie comics, aromatherapy, art, athanaeum, audioslave, bad boys, ballet, being a bad girl, being a good girl, being obssessive-compulsive, being outdoors, ben harper, black crowes, blue anything, bob dylan, books-a-million, bowling, boys, bubble wrap, cake, camping, candles, canoeing, centerstage, cheesy fries, cherries, cherry coke, chewacla, chick-fil-a, chicken fingers, chinese food, clubs, coldplay, computers, concerts, cotton candy, crushes, cuddling, dave matthews, daydreaming, documentaries, dogs, drinking, driving, drums, eric clapton, finding nemo, flip-flops, food, food network, friends, gilmore girls, hanging out with friends, having fun, hiking, hugs, incubus, independence, independent movies, indepth conversations, insomnia, intelligence, jack johnson, jason mraz, jimi hendrix, john grisham novels, johnny depp, julia stiles, justin timberlake, kissing, liquor, literature, looking for love, lynyrd skynyrd, making memories, mangoes, maroon 5, massages, mexican food, michelle branch, mindless self-indulgence, movies, museums, music, nature, nirvana, open-minded people, outkast, photography, pierced tongues, playing cards, playing pool, poems, rainbows, reading, relationships, road trips, romantic dinners, roses, ruby tuesday tall cake, sarcasm, sex, shopping, silverchair, singing in the shower, sleep, smiles-that-make-me-melt, smiling, sprite, star-gazing, strawberries, summertime, sun worshipping, swimming, tattoos, the beatles, the disney channel, the doors, the eagles, the food network, the ocean, the rugs, tom hanks, vacations, waking up with someone, weekends, will and grace, wit, yaya sisterhood, yoga
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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