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User:melissa_adm (164311)
Name:Melissa Auf Der Maur
Website:DIS C L A I M ER.
Location:Montreal, Canada
AOL IM:melis der maur (Add Buddy, Send Message)

NAME: Melissa auf der Maur.
BIRTHDAY: March 17, 1972.
SIGN: Pisces.
BIRTHPLACE: Kenya. Moved after catching Malaria for the third time. (Ouch.)
HAIR / EYES / HEIGHT: Red / Green / 5'6".
EDUCATION: Student at Concordia University, Montreal for photography, but later quit that to join HOLE.

HOLE: Joined in 1994 after the tragic death of previous bassiste Kristen Pfaff. Left Oct 20, 1999.
SMASHING PUMPKINS: Joined a few weeks after leaving HOLE tobecome their touring bassist. Left after the bend broke up.

1999 Gibson Music Award for Best Bassist.
2000 Gibson Music Award for Best Bassist.

ALL SYSTEMS GO: Mon Chi Chi, Bad Taste Records, 2002.
JESSE MALIN: The Fine Art Of Self Destruction, released October 28th, 2002.
HAND OF DOOM: Live in Los Angeles, released August 26, 2002.
INDOCHINE: Paradize, released March 12, 2002.
More to come. Too lazy to put in the rest. ;)
Interests:20: bands, bass, billy corgan, boys, courtney love, d'arcy, eyes, feet, guitar, hands, hole, melissa auf der maur, nose, peircings, punk, rock, smashing pumpkins, tattoos, tongue, tongue peircings
Friends:27: aim_is_funny, alex__greenwald, aly_lovesflutes, andrewmcmahon, a_larter, a_silver_stone, bam_cky, bitch_fest, brody_arms, b_margera, d__desrosiers, jenna123, jkpartington, joshh, kiki_dunst, lovato_tony, nebby, nick_wheeler, randystrohmeyer, sebxlefebvre, sexaholics_, stellar_, stellar_design, therapeme, welcome__wagon, william__tell, _vinnie
Friend of:10: alex__greenwald, aly_lovesflutes, a_silver_stone, bam_cky, d__desrosiers, jkpartington, nick_wheeler, william__tell, _vanessa, _vinnie
Account type:Early Adopter

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