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User:meggi (54194)
Location:Planet Grey, United States

Meggy //About Me

Well, my name's Meggy. The end. Actually, no. That's not all. My name is Meg, which is short for a name that I hate, so I'd rather not say it on here. It isn't Megan (or any of its variety of spellings) or Margaret, I'll give you that much. But anyway, my name is Meg, but I prefer the name Meggy. I would have gotten the username Meggy on Blurty, but it was taken. *appalled gasp* So, I just grabbed the username Meggi since it was the closest relative of Meggy that hadn't been taken.

Well, I was born in a hospital in a small city called...

Nevermind. I'm not going to go that deep into my history.

I'm a small girl with a warm heart (at least, I think it is o.o) and an open mind who lives in a small town, which really isn't good for an open mind, believe me. I'm usually pretty optimistic, but when I'm sad I can be unbelievably pessimistic. I'm really shy and sometimes I have a hard time making friends because of that, but I'm gradually getting over that and becoming more comfortable being less shy around people. However, I'm not shy when it comes to my friends and my journal. Even though I don't make friends easily, I love making new friends, add me if you like!~ ^^

I love to draw and design different things, and someday I want to be a fashion designer. Or something like that. :D I also like photography and taking pictures of myself, which is why two of my icons are of me. XD I also like taking pictures of flowers and plants, and other things as well. I think that if fashion design isn't the right path for me, I will probably become a graphic designer or a photographer.

My favorite kind of music is J-rock. Which is Japanese rock music, basically. My tastes are not limited to J-rock, but J-rock is what I usually listen to. I seem to like foreign music much more than any music in English, for some reason. My favorite band is Dir en Grey, and I adore them. :D

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Memories:3 entries
Interests:150: adobe photoshop, aliene ma'riage, androgyny, angels, anime, art, asia, automatic writing, aya, ayumi hamasaki, biri, black, blue, bust-a-groove, c-rock, cds, chapstick, cherry filter, china, coal chamber, colors, computer graphics, creativity, crossdressers, curiosity, daishi, demons, die, dir en grey, doodling, drawing, due le quartz, emiru, emotional strength, emotions, eye liner, eyeshadow, fashion, fashion design, femininity, final fantasy, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, final fantasy x, gackt, goth, gothic fashion, gothic lolitas, graphic design, graphics, green, hair dye, happiness, hearts, hello kitty, hentai, hide, hikaru utada, html, icons, inu-yasha, j-pop, j-rock, japan, jiao dze, jrock, k-pop, kami, kana, kaoru, klaha, korea, kozi, kyo, l'arc en ciel, lace, lareine, leather, lida, lip gloss, lipstick, love, lucifer luscious violenoue, madeth gray'll, making icons, malice mizer, mana, manga, mascara, moi dix mois, mp3s, music, music videos, my billy, nanase aikawa, oil pastels, opencanvas, orange, originality, paint shop pro, painting, pandas, paranormal, pink, pink spider, plastic tree, poetry, pride of mind, psycho le cemu, purple, rainbows, red, resident evil 2, resident evil 3, sailor moon, sanrio, sarii, satin, schellen, seek, shiina ringo, shinya, shoujo kakumei utena, silent hill, silent hill 2, silver ash, singing, sketching, sleeping, stars, suikoden, suikoden 2, the last unicorn, the neverending story, toshiya, uniqueness, utada hikaru, vampires, video games, visual kei, water, web design, white, writing, x, x-japan, yoshiki, youjeen, yura, yu~ki
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