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Below is user information for Meg White. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:meg___white (240948)
Name:Meg White
Website:this is all fake
Location:Detroit, Michigan, United States
AOL IM:Meg Maddness (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Kenny is my lover boy. Dont touch him.

Talena is my best friend. She's so awesome and I can trust her with ANYTHING. <33 ya, Talena

Avril is so awesome. She's someone I can talk to no matter what. Love you Avy!!

2D is so cool. Hes a cartoony but so what, anything's possible. And he's british too! He gets bonus points for that one.

Hils is a great person. She'll be there to make you laugh. Her kids will soon take over the world, so ha.

Amy is AMY! If you dont know her, then WOW. She's so great and awesome. You rock, Amy.

Billy....Billy..Billy...He's so nifty. Go Billy! You rock, man.

Joel. Hmm...what do i have to save about him? He's cool! An awesome person to talk to...and his band is supertastic or something like that.

Nick is so awesome-tastic! He's in the band The All American Rejects, and they're cool too. Rock on, Nick.

Benji is a funny guy...even though i dont talk too him that often. His entries are always something you reply too, and thats always cool.

Christina is the ULTIMATE peanut fan. She's peanut-crazy, but leave her alone 'cause shes my friend!

Nate is a neat person. He also has tons of entries you can easily comment to. So Nate's great too. Oh yeah..i rhyme...or something...

Claire is so cool. She's one of the coolest OF the cool. She speaks her mind and thats very nifty, indeed.

[[All F-A-K-E ]]
Interests:87: aarow, afi, aim, amy lee, animals, armies, ashley, bands, beats, being lonely, benji, billy, black eyeliner, bold, bow, brad, breaks, candy canes, chester, chevelle, detroit, drum sticks, drums, elephants, evanescence, fans, finch, fun, germany, good charlotte, good kinda pain, hives, humming, jack, japan, joel, kelly, ken, kenny, kicking jacks ass, linkin park, love, making videos, mike, mint, movies, mr.hahn, music, music videos, my best friend talena, nail polish, nate, nfg, paul, peppermints, performing, phiphi, piercings, plaid, playing, ponytails, punk, rain, red, rob, rock, singing, skeletons, songs, sour, south park, stars, stripes, sun, sweet, talena, tattoos, the starting line, the used, triangles, tv, videos, water, white, wind, work, writing music
Friends:10: avril_lavignex, benjixmadden, billymartin_gc, clairexblake, en_amylee_en, happy_now_mb, joel_madden_, nick__wheeler, talena, x_ken_vasoli_x
Friend of:19: avril_lavignex, avril_letgo, en_amylee_en, hilary_mcduff, hottie_emichael, kelly_c, lil_lexi_b, matt_lovato_, mena_suvari, mistamiller, nick__wheeler, reese_w_, sam_mumba, sarah_maddenx, sexified_jc, stonedrabbit, stupot, xxjxxtxx, x_ken_vasoli_x
Member of:2: pf_icons, threaten_people
Account type:Free User

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