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Below is user information for ti nk ing of yo u e v e r y d a e... If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:meandyou35188 (152105)  
Name:ti nk ing of yo u e v e r y d a e..
Location:#35 l0vE strEet, Singapore
Bio:im jus a small little ugly ger..
hu alreadi fall for a cute little butch ..
wil b cr8 till,sec 3?mabbe?
code ish 35 and loves 12..
and oso loves 88 buden duno whether to gif up..
easily tear for dah person..
love beo-ing at her..
cant stop mishing her
love and miss her lots~
Interests:34: beach, chatting, chocolates, comedy, cotton candy, craps..., dah sims, fone, habbohotel, hugs, icey cooling pepsi, letter, long john, love, love 12, love 88, love poems, love stories, loves my com, my army box, my bed, my hp, my ripcurl bag, neoprintz, online journals, orange, over size tee, pillow, pink, playing in dah rain, singing, teddy bears, true friends, true love
Friends:13: bitchx_82, eggtart, love_alethea, love_o4, me_n_you, soapsudd, subsides, tenacious_13, thirtysix, twenty_8, _imperfect_, _spiraling_, _unsatisfied_
Friend of:11: bitchx_82, itwasme, me_n_you, soapsudd, subsides, tenacious_13, thirtysix, twenty_8, _imperfect_, _spiraling_, _unsatisfied_
Account type:Early Adopter

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