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Below is information about the "Maximum Security - AU Prison RPG" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:max_security (125360)
Name:Maximum Security - AU Prison RPG
Website:Maximum Security Prison
Location:United States
Established in the mid-1900's, Maximum Security Prison has upheld a reputation for being the most rigid and strict federal institution ever established. Some have even compared it to the infamous Alcatraz, and most say it raises the bar for other high security prisons.

Its Death Row is unmatched, as its walls contain the best of the worst. Even Maximum Security's main cellblock contains inmates notorious as their crimes.

The unique all female staffing raises a few eyebrows in the federal chain of prisons, but the success of the prison in retaining their convicts, even "breaking" them, is unmatched. No questions have ever been raised against the prison, and a look inside the cell walls is reason enough.

Think you're bad enough? mugshots please.

Navigation [Sub-Communes]
paroled - OOC Community.
the_yard - Recreation priviledges.
mess_hall - Prison mess hall. Used for assemblys, eating, and as a social area for inmates.
holy_ground - Claim sanctuary. Religious services held here by our philosopher.
blind_spot - The blind. Don't let the staff catch you.
death_row - Death Row: Elite
_solitary_ - Solitary Confinment .
catatonics - A place for the rather lifeless. [Inactive prisoners]

Your loving staff,
prison_matron, prison_guard, solitary_guard, ns_guard, kitty_kitty, philosopher, poisoned_apple, firey_one, and shelly_goa.

We are the first AU Prison RPG. Established March 02, 2003, by three girls with too much time on their hands. All ripoffs and wannabes? Suck it.

If you're not into the whole AU thing, check out stellar_two, the largest celebrity RPG on Blurty, and definately capable of using the words "active" and "mature" in the right context. | For a celebrity community with everything from Sponge Bob to Kelly Osbourne to Conan O' Brien, try justnotfamous. Drama welcome.

Still not what you're looking for? rpg_ads may have the right community for you.

Interests:36: alcatraz, alternate universe, alternate universe rpg, anger problems, au, au rpg, authority, cells, crime, death row, drugs, fetishes, gangs, guns, inmates, jail, murder, night staff, oz, prison, prison rape, prisoners, prisoners rights, prisons, rape, role play, role play games, rpg, rpgs, sex, social work, staff, the chair, the needle, violence, we win you lose
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