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User:matt_x_lovato (190030)
Name:Matt Lovato
Website:oops. i lied.
Location:Blue Island, Illinois, United States
AOL IM:xmestupmatt (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:What's up? I'm Matt Lovato, bassist in the band MEST, cousin to the oh so famous Tony Lovato. -laughs- Yeah, he wishes.

[hm yeah..... NOT]

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User Number: 190030
Date Created:2003-04-09
Number of Posts: 3

Matt Lovato is the bassist from a band called Mest. He is a cool guy, and takes good care of Tony, his cousin. He likes to hang out with his friends, party and have a good time. And.. yes, contrary to some peoples beliefs, Matt likes women.
Strengths: good friend, great listener, ladies man, loves to make people happy, has good hygiene. :D
Weaknesses: easy to con into things, too quiet, an alcoholic *but working on fixing it :)*, often gets way too roudy, has problems dealing with and figuring out his emotions, loves people too much.
Special Skills: bass playing, spiffiness, can make almost anyone laugh, great memory, good at dominoes.
Weapons: super high emo jump ability, instinctive teenie avoiding powers, and extremely loud belches.
Motto: um
"Don't step in dog poo. It smells bad."

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Magic Number14
JobSerial Killer
TemperamentCool And Calm
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Interests:16: bass, benji madden, billy martin, good charlotte, halo friendlies, jeremiah rangel, joel madden, mest, music, nick giggler, paul thomas, punk rock, simple plan, tattoos, the used, tony lovato
Friends:154: ali_g, allimack, allman_quinn, ally_donna_r, alyhannigan, amanda__moore, ashlee_, ashleigh_j, a_azoff, a_lazzara, a_pinkness, bad_girl_willa, barrymore_d, beatboxin_jrt, beverlyshill, blurredfuture, bradspitt, brann_matthew, brittish__murph, brittybaby, bryanxspears, caldwell_k, carmenxelektra, carrie_anne, charisma__c, charliedemars, comfortablyjohn, danny_m, david__boreanaz, david__d, demimoore, depend_onme_ayu, derek__jeter, desmond_h, digital_dreamr, dirrty_girl, elishaacuthbert, em_chriqui, gc_billyboy, ghostoftherobot, gigglishways, ginger_reyes_, goofball_girl, gwyn_paltrow, idol_simon, jaded__girl, jagcostar, jagstar, jakeb_g, jenna123, jenn_l_hewitt, jen_delonge, jen__garner_, jeph_is_used, jessa_simpson, jessica_alba_, jonnyleemiller_, jordan_p_, jorgesantos, j_double_c, kaotic_nickolas, katie_noella, kell_lee, kiki_dunst_, kinky_toph, kittieoracle01, lauralynne_xc, lauren__melkus, liljemsylee, lil_xxx_kim, linda__c, maggie_g, marcus_giles, matt_x_lovato, modgod, mommalynne, mraz__jason, mrp, mrprinzejr, mstarareid, murder_doll, nataliebolanos, nate_dushku, nathanmathers, onehanband, our_brutality, our_duality, paris_hiltonx, paulxwalkerx, pharrell__, prinzesprincess, pure_diesel, rachelaguilera, rachstevens, rancid_tim, raynaxfoss, rebecca_romijn, rebel_nick, ryanxstarr, r_witherspoon_, saucyxshannyn, sebastien_, sexy_bloom, sexy_rodriguez, shanewest_, shaun__white, shellykearns, skatin_avril, skye_hoppus, static_j, taubenfeldx, tommy_delonge, tony_lovato_rox, torah_bright, totallyxtasha, trace_ayala_, travisbarker182, t_grace, unwell_thomas, xbrodyxarmsx, xedawgx, xgwen_stefanix, xmena_suvarix, xolarisa, xxchan_robsonxx, xxirishcolinxx, xxre_jaxx, xx_benji_xx, xzombie_girlx, x_juliya_c_x, _aniston_, _beloved_, _christensen_, _clarkson_, _elite_convos_, _elizabeth, _eliza_dushku__, _fallonxbowman_, _jamesbass, _jamiespears_, _jere_rangel, _jesse_colburn_, _lopez_, _most_wanted_, _reality_, _reid, _screamer_joel_, _wilmer_, __amy, __caulfield__, __kunis, __kutcher__, __michelle__, ___jolie
Account type:Early Adopter

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