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User:matrxfrk (380852)
Location:Pasadena, Texas, United States
Bio:Well my real name is Thomas Kirby and I don't know what I am supposed to write in this thing, but I will write that my life has been somewhat hazardous to my emotional well-being, for I am one of those unfortunate souls who has become self-aware in this foolish world we live in. Some days I wish I were stupid and oblivous to the truth. My life would be easier and happier. I live my life every day waiting for something, not knowing exactly what, waiting for someone, never knowing exactly who. I just live with the notion that when that something happens or that someone arrives, I will know it. Ignorance is truly bliss and I wish sometimes that I had it. Only sometimes. Most of the time I am greatful for my philosophical and somewhat intelligent mind. Anyway that is all I will list on here. This will give anyone who may be reading this an idea of what future transcripts will be like.
Interests:31: acting, algebra, computers, dancing, dolphins, dvds, education, exercising, history, hugging, intimacy, kissing, linkin park, making love, nature, partying, passion, philosophy, poetry, reading, rock climbing, rock music, romance, sex, soft music, terminator, the matrix, weight-lifting, wisdom, women, writing
Friends:1: saveme
Account type:Free User

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