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Below is user information for Killing Time. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:maschinegunbaby (557329)
Name:Killing Time
Location:Arizona, United States
AOL IM:maschinegunbaby (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:evilinsideher (Add User, Send Message)


Music Genre:
Industrial/Power Noise/Harsh EBM/Terror EBM/Death Industrial/Experimental/Noise/Neo-Folk/Militant/Punk

Record Labels:
21st circuitry/accession records/adnoiseam/ant-zen/ausfahrt records/black rain/bloodline/cold meat industry/cop int'l/cyber-blast records/
cyberware productions/daft records/dependent records/doppler effect records/
glasnost records/hands productions/
/hymen/interbeat records/invin-kor/
malignant records/metropolis records/
nettwerk/novatekk/out of line/
pendragon/possessive blindfold/ras dva/
soleilmoon/tesco/troniks/[unit]/zoth ommog/ get the idea.

Bands: see interests below.

Interests:148: afi, ah cama-sotz, amgod, ammo, artz+pfusch, asche, aslan faction, asp., authority zero, ba-22, babyland, barry pepper, black lung, blink 182, blood axis, borstal, boyd rice, brighter death now, c/a/t, c:/, cenobita, chaingun operate, chow yun fat, circle jerks, controlled fusion, converter, cybernetic:fuckheadz, cyborg attack, dancing, death in june, der blutharsch, descendents, dive, dri, dulce liquido, e-craft, el olvidado, eliza dushku, eminem, eric gottesman, erk aicrag, exclipsect, experimental, f/a/v, feindflug, funker vogt, gas masks, german history, god module, grendel, gridlock, guns, h.i.v+, hocico, holocaust theory, hypnoskull, ic434, imminent starvation, imperative reaction, in strict confidence, industrial,, infact, informatik, iron chef, iszoloscope, jet li, jhonen vasquez, johan van roy, joy division, k.i.f.o.t.h, kaanbalik, kiew, klangstabil, klinik, knives, l'ame immortelle, lenore, manufactura, mark tom and travis, mazzoii, military, misfits, mlada fronta, mono no aware, morgenstern, morgue, mortal constraint, needle sharing, new found glory, nme, noisex, non, oi, p.a.l, pain station, paracont, pennywise, pierrepoint, polygon, portishead, power noise, punk rock boys, pzycho bitch, raison d'etre, rancid, s.i.n.a, samhain, savak, screwdriver, serpents, sfrivethead, silk saw, sleepwalk, somatic responses, sonar, ss uniforms, stephen bens, stin scatzor, strength through joy, suicide commando, synapscape, tarmvred, tentacle sex, terminal choice, terror ebm, the ataris, the exploited, the simpsons, the vandals, toxic shock syndrome, tsunami bomb, tumor, tunnel, venetian snares, video games, violence, vnv nation, von thronstahl, war, wasted youth, winterkalte, world war ii, wumpscut, yeht mae, yelworc, zinforge, zymosiz
Friends:2: ant_zen, xrivetmachinex
Member of:2: ant_zen, xrivetmachinex
Account type:Free User

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