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Below is user information for they call me Flipper. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:marlenalucy002 (90876)
Name:they call me Flipper
Bio:you can't start a story in the middle of the adventure.

gay as that sounds, it's true. just like mtv's diary: you think you know, but you have no idea. you can say anything on tv these days and sound smart.
Interests:65: 3eb, a person with prescence, american photo, andrew macmahon, artsy fartsy people, audrey hepburn, being anywhere but here, boys-- particularly clayton, catcher in the rye, chicago--and that's the city, chinese food, chocolate by the truckload, chuck taylors, clarissa explains it all, collages, creativity, curious george fruit snacks, daria, debating, ebay, emo, english, fashion mags, freaky vintage clothes, garlic anything, good movies, good phone calls, having a clear complexion, hot topic, indie films, individuality, journals, live bands, live--the band, melody mike, murder she wrote, my bedroom, my husband zeman, my pentax, my very good friends, pasta fridays, poetry, popeye's chicken, pretending to be high, punk, punk covers, reality bites soundtrack, retro 80's tunes, rock, running amoc, salvation army, seattle, skim milk, soco, steve buscemi, sundance channel, sweedish fish, the letter people, the n, the police, thrift stores, track, understanding french, van gogh, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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