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Below is user information for Margo Harshman. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:margo_h (351491)  
Name:Margo Harshman
Website:just playing :D
Location:Orange County, California, United States
AOL IM:margo rocks you (Add Buddy, Send Message)
ICQ UIN: none (Add User, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:mari_is_a_dork (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:none

If you can't accept me and my WORST you don't deserve me at my BEST.

xx kiley d xx: THE BOOBEY MAN!

hil says HARDER: So people have to work harder to turn you on? Cause they have two penises they have to erecT?
dhani loves you: no .. one is fine to erectify

MarGO rocks YOU: *runs over a squirrel* why is there a squirrel in here???!!
sex up chelsea: margo that was a stuffed animal
MarGO rocks YOU: *looks* then why is it bleeding?

Natalia Benenson: I stole Baby Ben's shorts
MARGO rocks YOU: I steal souls.
moan for MARIE: Am I the one who licks??

moan for MARIE: that seems mean to me
MARGO rocks YOU: it seemed me to mean too

lindsay owns you: -raises a feeble hand; talks in a whisper- fuggheadabboutit
lindsay owns you: you coulda been a contenda
lindsay owns you: -is suddenly an old italian mobster-

Woo. Go me! lol

[[ Okay, fine, I am a poser, I have no life, and I am a retard. Okay? Good, now go away. Stop trying to ruin my fun! :-P ]]
Interests:46: 50 cent, acting, aim, ashton kutcher, blurty, books, boys, celebrities, chatting, dating, degrassi, disney channel, donkey kong, eminem, even stevens, fame, friends, fun, guys, having fun, hotties, icons, kissing, layouts, legally blonde, legally blonde 2, lizzie mcguire, love, margo harshman, meeting new people, michelle branch, movies, mtv, music, partying, rocking, role playing, run of the house, sexiness, shia labeouf, simple plan, sister sister, sum 41, that's so raven, tv, wb
Friends:6: jp_updates, kinkster_kiles, termit, t_o_r_i, x_dhani_x, _marie
Friend of:20: 0x0suzye0x0, anonette_95, atomic_tash, babydolls, daniellaraposo, katiespencerx, kinkster_kiles, k_i_r_s_t_e_n, luvable_em, miss_cassie1, my_stop, surrealallstar, tahjxmowry, tay_thompson, termit, tiaxmowry, wannabefamous1, xamandalxo, xox_kiley_xox, x_dhani_x
Member of:5: jp_help, jp_updates, just_playing, pro_rpg, rpg_ads
Account type:Free User

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