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Below is user information for Monica. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:mamillustrious (83336)
Location:brooklyn, New York, United States
Bio:just a regular chick raisin my lil queen Niya Serenity...currently goin on 7 months
Interests:134: 106th and park, 50 cent, air force ones, angels, aol, baby phat, bangin bk, beaches, bein caring, bein considerate, bein cool, bein lovable, bein me, bein sensitive, being a girl, bet, blurty, boots, boricua, brooklyn, burberry, cars, chattin, cherries, chocolate, christmas, clothes, clubs, college, comments, cosmopolitan, cryin, cuddling, dancing, diamonds, dick, diesels, dogs, drama, dreams, driving, e-mails, ecko red, elmira, family, fear factor, feelin loved, fendi, fine guys, flirtin, flowers, friends, fun, giving advice, good books, gucci, guys, hangin out, happiness, hate, hip hop, honesty, hugs, iceburg, italy, jokes, jordans, kindness, kisses, lady enyce, las vegas, lexus, life, lil kim, lip gloss, listening, louis vuitton, love, magazines, mail, make up, makin new friends, mall, manhattan, manolo, mc donalds, men, mercedes, money, movies, mtv, music, music videos, my birthday, my daughter, my health, my life, my man, night, nyc, paris, people, pepsi blue, pictures, pleasure, precious moments, puerto rico, queens, rainbows, rap city, real word, rocawear, romance, sex, shoes, shopping, singin, sleepin, smiles, smilin, staten island, strawberries, summer, sunsets, thanksgiving, the bronx, the source, timberlands, tommy hilfiger, travelin, tv, vibe, winnie the pooh, ym
Friends:26: addme, alleyezzonme, blazin_bebii, blurtyfriends, chriseli, dreamwiifey, eboniksz, flickeringlight, gangsta_shortii, get_bizzie, illicitxdymedxg, kittin, lilwifey, love_jones, mamillustrious, misz_illmatic, omariz_qurl, p0etic_justice, prada_slips, shawnadatgurl, tantalizinq_69, unveil, versacelover, xzotiic, _chelsz, _slam
Account type:Early Adopter

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