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Below is user information for maliceandroid. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:maliceandroid (643601)
Location:costa mesa, California, United States
AOL IM:maliceandroid (Add Buddy, Send Message)
MSN Username:cuteyhoney26
Bio:i like to write poems and draw and listen to music and watch tv and party and drink and have lots of sex! haha... i kid.. only a little!


Lust, the vermilion creature of desire
Licks temptingly at your hot ear
Taunting you with promises of a lovers kiss
A lover you covet and try to hold tight
Yet seems to slip through your grasp
And wavers at the slight hint of control
Then enters jealousy, the green monster
That blows kisses of betrayal into your thoughts
And pushes the rage forward in your mind
Until it’s bursting to set itself free
Like a caged animal in the fight for its life
Call for serenity, the white dove
Beg her to set you free from the others
Whisper her name into the darkness
But for some, she will never come
For some it is too late

copywrite of maliceandroid
Interests:142: 80's, ac-dc, aerosmith, alcohol, alice cooper, alice in chains, alyssa, art, ashlee, bass, bauhaus, beastie boys, bile, billy idol, butthole surfers, carlos's sweet ass, cats, christian death, covenant, cowboy bebop, dave mathews band, david bowie, dead can dance, dead kennedys, dead or alive, deep eynde, deoderant, depeche mode, dido, dir en grey, disterbed, dogs, donnie darko, duran duran, family guy, fashion, funker vogt, gackt, garbage, geeks, glasses, godhead, godsmack, guitarists, guitars, hair, hair dye, hats, iron maiden, jonny cash, joy division, judas priest, kaoru, khhryst, king missile, kmfdm, ko, korn, kovenant, leather rebels, led zeppelin, linkin park, live, lollipop lust kill, lords of acid, malice mizer, malign, marilyn manson, mdfmk, meat grinders, megadeath, men, men that wear make-up, ministry, monster magnet, motley crue, nine inch nails, nuns, oingo boingo, ozzy osbourne, pandas, pantera, paste, piercings, pig, pins, poe, poetry, primus, psychotica, rammstein, reign the conqueror, rem, rev. hortan heat, revolting cocks, rob halford, rob zombie, rolling stones, santana, screaming dead, sex, sex gang children, shag carpet, shoes, simpsons, skeletal family, skin, skinny puppy, slayer, smoking, soft cell, soul coughing, soundgarden, specimen, stone temple pilots, sulk, switchblade symphony, system of a down, tacos, talking heads, tatoos, tea, the beatles, the brickbats, the cult, the cure, the faint, the graveyard farmers, the misfits, the ramones, the seatbelts, tool, toshiya, vast, videogames, vin diesel, violent femmes, vnv nation, waldgeist, wolfsheim, wumpscut, xzibit
Friends:1: 666gothic666
Account type:Free User

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