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Below is user information for Draco Malfoy. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:malfoy_draco (26023)
Name:Draco Malfoy
Website:wolfish dot net!
Location:Hogwarts, United Kingdom
AOL IM:wufeii (Add Buddy, Send Message)
» step into the light, illuminating you for all to see
» come into my sight, empty handed not for me
» it's in your hands, my one demand
» no one can tell, the sins i need to sell

» i'm still sipping from your well
» reflecting back to me
» your perfection in my eye
» hurt me, break me, take me.

- Gravity Kills, "Hold"

[ I'm Sami, the mun of Draco. ^_^ This is obviously a roleplay journal, but I have a blog and a livejousnal. My domains are and, and I enjoy anime, manga, video games, Harry Potter (obviously!), anime cons and cosplay! And now that I'm done self-promoting.. ^_- Begone!

Oh, and if you'd like to RP via AIM with me, I'd be very happy! (Although Draco might not, but he's a little snarky anyways..) My Draco SN is "voIatiIe", but you can also find me on "wufeii", my ooc sn. :) Thanks! ]
Interests:16: being a jerk, being evil, being snarky, brooding, cursing, ditching class, kicking things, laughing evilly, looking sexy, lucius malfoy, making fun of potter, money, myself, potions class, severus snape, slytherin
Friends:17: blueraven, boom_crash, burrow7th, diagon7th, engraved_fame, gameskeeper, greengryffindor, hogwarts7th, hufflegirl, knockturn7th, know_it_all, ministry7th, rlupin, rweasley, thecleverone, theprettyone, yours_truly
Friend of:9: clever_witch, ginnyweasley, hufflegirl, justified_, percyweasley, redhead_susan, rlupin, _mione, _pansy
Member of:2: diagon7th, potty_rpg
Account type:Early Adopter

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